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what should i try??
4 Replies
lmb2 - January 23

Do any of you have any ideas of what i should try as far as meds to manage the pain so i don't have to take so many pain killers?? I heard Lyrica is now FDA approved for fibro, but i'm really afraid of the weight gain... do you know of anything that works but does NOT cause weight gain???? thanks for any input....


JJ1 - January 23

Elavil (amytriptyline) worked for me and did not cause weight gain, but others have reported weight gain after taking it.


tnichel - January 23

I gained 15lbs on amytriptyline but it's not very noticeable just looking at me. I had a problem with keeping weight on before I started taking it.


lmb2 - January 24

i'm thinking about giving lyrica a try. I'm really scared to try any type of antidepressent because i have a friend who got suicidal on the same one my docs tried to put me on, cymbalta. i refused to take it... anyway she had to be on 24 hour watch until it was gone from her system, it was that bad! i know not everyone has this reaction, but i just don't want to risk it..
anyway, if i don't react well to lyrica i can always stop taking it. i was only diagnosed about 5 months ago and have not tried anything other than the pain killers and muscle relaxers yet and i'm starting to worry about potential damage to organs from long term pain killer usage.... or does that only happen if you are on them like all day every day???


AKFlyfisher - January 24

I guess it would be depend on how bad you feel everyday. Do you or can you keep working? I wouldnt worry about 10-20 lbs at all if the med helps you sleep and feel better every day. And yes you will need to take the med for the rest of your life, unless you go into a remission or a "cure" for fibro is found which I doubt will ever happen. Elavil worked the best for me at 50-75mg nightly for years, but wore off, and I still go to work every single day feeling like crap and had headaches and IBS daily. I gained roughly 20lbs from the elavil. I wish you luck find a med that works. I want to try Lyrica. I tried cymbalta and it made me feel like having a flu and hangover and diareha at the same time. I have been on Neurontin for 3 weeks and it does not help at all and I am sleeping worse on it.



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