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What shall we call ourselves?
33 Replies
barbar - November 16

How about "fibrofoggers"? And Larry, you very long post sounds interesting. I am going to a Lyme disease specialist to make sure I can rule that out and then I think I will check out your suggestions.


barbar - November 16



larry - November 20

There sure was a lot of activity about Larry's missing post as well as challenges to explain or as I recall "to put his money where his mouth is". So I took alot of time to explain what I learned at a fibro& center and why we are sick and how I am (90%) better because of my treatment at a center near me and it appears that no one is interested? Is this true? Is this helping anyone?


carrie lee - November 20

Hi everyone, I have been thinking about what we should call ourselves amd something has been bothering me thought I didnt know till yesterday what it was. In my opinion this disease has already taken so much from many of us that I dont think it should be allowed to take away our identities as well. I think we are Barbar, carrie lee Amberrose TheresaJJ1Virg, and every other of our circle of friends here. Thats what wer really are even if we never meet one another eye roto eye. I am not putting down your idea of having a group name I guess it just bothers me to have lost so much I refuse to give up my identity as well.God Bless toyou all, hopeing for you a well day.


larry - November 20

I agree Carrie Lee!!! I posted last week about "why bond on such a negative thing such as sickness" and some people just got defensive and angry and the post was removed. I guess I am not in the inner circle yet.


Virg - November 20

We are always searching for info answers support . Like cancer there is no cure . Some people get the benifit of clinics, books, others need to know. How about Fibroserfers.


JJ1 - November 20

I can't speak for barbar, but i got the feeling this was supposed meant to be a fun topic, poking fun at ourselves and think we shouldn't take it too seriously.


larry - November 20

Virg, There is a cure.


TERESA - November 21

No Larry, there is not a cure. Just like with cancer, there are treatments that work for some, BUT that doesn't mean that it will work for all!! Just like with cancer, some people respond to a treatment, while others never do!!!! I know you are only trying to spread the hope & good news that has worked for you, but some of your comments can seam harsh! You are not being excluded from this site! I don't know what happened to your post, but WE didn't do anything with IT!! You are welcome to the site, as is anyone, as long as you are not rude or offensive!! JOIN IN on our discussions & try a little less preaching!! As for the topic I agree with JJ1, Barbara was just trying to lighten up the mood, as she has at other times! RIGHT ON BARBARA!!!


Virg - November 21

Thanks Teresa I was wondering if I really missed something. For a cure there has to be a cause and it is still not known what causes FMS. Also not all doctors even believe in FMS. Or have any clue as to treat it. So sorry barbar this has gone on your post.


barbar - November 21

Hey guys, Yes, Indeed, this was intended as a fun topic. I agree we shouldn't let this thing take our identities but I've not encountered anyone yet on this site so weak that poking fun at our situation would result in a loss of identity. In conversations I have with others, I refer to people who suffer from FMS as 'fibros' just because 'people suffering from fibromyalgia' takes too long to say and I certainly don't want FMS taking up any more of my time. I wear the name 'Fibro' with a badge of honor: we are suffering from a menacing, debilitating disease and every step we take is a victory. It hurts to move, it hurts to sit, it hurts to walk. The very soles of our feet ache from taking the simplest, lightest step. Digestion hurts. I have to sit and hold myself in, applying pressure to my intestines, every time I eat (which in no way keeps me from eating, thank God). Are you like me? Instead of getting up in the morning, getting dressed and out the door being one, fluid motion, every single task has to be well thought-out and calculated. Just getting in and out of the tub exhausts my energy for the day. Dealing with that day after day deserves some respect and we should be proud of ourselves for thriving and not just surviving. We're making fun of a disease that dare attack us, not making fun of ourselves; the disease has to identify with us---ITS failures, not us identify with it. So, although the point is very well taken, I don't think anyone on this forum is at any sort of risk of being overwhelmed by this malady. We weren't made strong by this thing; we were strong before it got to us, which is why it will never win. The Victory is Ours! Let us remember who we are.


AmberRose - November 25

I agree about not letting it steal our identities as people but i also think its good to have a laugh and its a good idea! I liek to call this fms thing my fibers which ive noted b4 :) my husabnd started it by asking me if my fibers were huritng lol we can call our selves fibrolicious maybe?


Virg - November 25

MY guy teases in a really great way too.
We chuckled about your "FIBERS" .


AmberRose - November 26

its funny how we can allways make some thing silly out not so nice things isnt it! At least it gives me somethign to smile matter how bad my day is all my husband has to do is say is it your fibers? and i cant keep a smile of f my face :)


CarrieLee - December 13

Fibrolicious is awesome!


AmberRose - December 20

I think we should call ourselves ashamed .....ashamed to be called friends of someone and that we couldnt even help ! And ashamed that some of us had to be so mean for no reason other than to be mean. Being that it is the christmas season i can't even beleive that some people cant even find it in thier hearts to be nice during the hoildays. Like seriously, why are we here if we can't lend a hand at any time of year let alone in december. Under the cicumstances i hope every on here can take a step back and see the damge they have done. Maybe not directly but still damge was done and now people have been hurt. Smarten up! Be kind! Most of us didnt come to this forum to be ridiculed and laughed at and basically spat on. This is worse then a train wreck and all the deleteing and burying posts or apologies cannot take back what is why dont we all make our new years resolution to be kind to everyone on the forum in tribute to barbar.....our friend who will allways be apart of this group no matter what... if we cant do this for her at least, then this forum shouldnt even exisit.



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