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what's it like to live in bloomington, IL with fibromyalgia?
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col127 - September 14

hi everyone! i'm new to these forums. i live in toronto, ontario and have the potential of moving to bloomington, IL for work. i'm nervous about bloomington because of the heat and humidity that i've read about. i'm aware that's it's very humid a lot of the time, and it gets really hot in the summer - and that the heat is worse than toronto! when it gets really hot here in toronto, i get flareups and it can last for the entire duration of the heat waves (i.e. 2 weeks). whenever it's gotten really hot here in toronto, i've been almost bed ridden for the entire time.

for those of you who live in bloomington, IL with fibromyalgia, how is it for you? how are the summers? what's the heat like? how's the humidity? i'm more concerned about the summers, but i'd like to know how it's like in the winters too. thanks for any help!!


iliveinpain - September 16

I don't live in Bloomington, I don't even know where it is. I think it's pretty far away from me, I live in Chicago IL. I can tell you that the weather isn't the best for people with any kind of fibromyalgia or arthritic conditions. A lot of us try to move to a more stable climate in fact. I wish I could. Maybe some day when I retire, I'm out of here. Illinois summers are VERY humid and can get pretty hot as well. The winters seem to last forever. I think it's more a problem with the actual cold temperatures rather than snow. I'm no expert, I'm just here to learn like everyone else. I do think though, that whenever you are in a climate that is always changing, you have pain. People I know at work that don't have fibro have flare ups in body aches and pain when the weather changes. My poor husbands asthma gets worse in changing weather too. We talk all the time about moving to a stable climate, wherever that is!! Not a good situation. I don't know how the weather is in Ontario, but if you're not doing that bad, I'd stick with it. It's scary I know, it's like the devil you know and the devil you don't, right? Sorry, I hope this helps a bit. Good luck! :)



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