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What's happened to us?
13 Replies
Lyle Anderson - January 11

There don't seem to be as much of us or at least we don't seem to be as active since Christmas (or is it since the Barbar incident?). What can we do about this?


Jeannie3 - January 11

Hi Lyle, I think its the aftermath of Christmas. Myself, I am only now seeing some kind of routine coming back into my days. Maybe what's missing is a more personal angle. Looking back posts were more aware of each other. There are new ones coming in and the site 'where are you from' got each other posting more personally. What do you think?


Lyle Anderson - January 11

Jeannie3, How about I post a "Let's get to know each other thread?"


guest1 - January 13

Hi Barbar, I mean Lyle, maybe people just discouraged from coming here because you used this forum and put your "friends" through hell by dragging them through the mud wih your self-serving drama of your suicide notice? Just a guess? What do you think Virgie, I mean Jeannie3? Any thoughts on this Brenda, I mean teresa?


Jeannie3 - January 13

Barbar has died. How ignorant and incensitive can you be guest l?


BRENDA - January 13

Guest 1 ( I mean Larry/Kathy/Helen...etc) MY name is BRENDA! You need to go away. We don't need you to start up again!


Jeannie3 - January 13

Hi Lyle, sorry I didn't get a chance to answer your question. re: getting to know each other" I think some like myself might be shy to really talk about themselves but maybe a " Hows your day - good, flaring, sad or funny" might be easier to communicate about. Just a thought, maybe someone else has ideas?


BrandyO - January 14

I have no idea how any one can accuse another of being someone else. How do you come to these conclusions? I think it is nonsense. If you don't believe the person is who he/she says, don't reply to them!
That's all I have to say!


tcmby - January 14

To Brandy: I am sorry to say that "guest1" is TOTALLY right about this.... I am surprised it took this long for someone else to finally say something... I was trying to ignore & let it go, but they are still doing it! It makes me sick what they did to worry you ladies sick at Christmas time no less! To poor Lynne, Amyloo, BrandyO, Debra, AmberRose etc... when I read your reactions to the "death" I could barely stand it! Go to the link I have pasted below & it will clear up any doubt that TERESA IS BRENDA as she has posted the same lies about Barbar on another fibro site as herself.... "tiggert" (also her email address which she has posted on this forum many times) ....she has used MANY names: TERESA. teresat, BRENDA, tiggert1, etc.... if you go to the link it will prove it to you. As for "Lyle Anderson" it IS "Barbar".... 100%. The rambling writing style is exactly the same... as are her "pets", "stomach surgeries" and "meds" etc.... People are ALOT smarter than these ladies seem to think!!! They should be ashamed of themselves... such sick & twisted mind games with real people who CARED about them!!! Its disgusting. Don't play into their sicko games anymore. Knowledge is power girls!!!


tcmby - January 14



tcmby - January 14

To: Virg (Jeannie3): I am really surprised & upset with you... I could see Teresa & Barbar cooking up something sick like this, but I still can't believe that YOU would be involved in hurting & lying to ALL these people!? You saw the pain & distress they caused all these women at Christmas.... how can you keep this twisted thing going? You always seemed so kind & compassionate toward others, I am a bit shocked. Live & learn I guess. You ladies all need to just come clean & APOLOGIZE OR STOP POSTING HERE FOR GOOD!!!


Iinda - January 14

I am truly beyond disgusted! I really want to thank the person who pasted that link to the other website that "Teresa-Brenda" wrote, clearing this whole sickening joke up for me once and for all! I knew this all sounded funny.... something just didn't sit right with me..... Teresa how can yuo say that it wasnt you, and then post about Barbar the EXACT same message, the same DAY, on both these sites as DIFFERENT poeple? Do you think we are all just dumb idiots to toy with? I have seen the recent postings by this "Lyle Anderson" & wondered how the heck this "guy" was acting so familiar with us all having only been here for a few weeks... & then getting angry at anyone who mentioned thyroids... just EXACTLY like Barbar!!! It all makes perfect sense now. What you ladies have done is absolutely sickening... making these women sick with worry and grief at Christmas is unreal! What the hell is wrong with you!? WHY did you even do this? these are Real people out here, with Real feelings dealing with their own illness everyday! I am one of them and I was so upset that it stressed me out for the entire Christmas holiday... I was in an incredible flare thanks to you!!! I personally want an apology.... if none of you cowards come forth, I personally don't want to see the names "Lyle, barbar, Virgie, Virg, Jeannie3, BRENDA, TERESA, teresat," etc... out here ever, ever again! I am so angry & disgusted right now I cant even stand it...... K A R M A


BrandyO - January 15

Dear tcmby and guest1.... I now believe you are right. It breaks my heart that someone who seemed to care about others could turn around and deceive us in such a way. I guess I am naive, I want to see the good in everyone. When I found out about Barbars suicide I couldn't sleep for many nights. I told my husband and my daughters about it I was so upset. I feel very foolish now!


Iori - January 15

Brandi don't you dare feel foolish! you are such a sweetheart and didn't do anything wrong, just trusted the wrong people. i'm glad you guys finally called them out. they were such bad liars anyway... i was getting so sick and tired of reading all that garbage everyday. so thank you!



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