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What next!!!!!!!!
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ptalana - November 19

I think I mentioned in the past that I've developed adult onset scoliosis from my accident, well it's progressing!! I've developed an extremely painful rib hump on the left side, and now have one on my back on the right side. Not only is the pain unbelievable, but it's also disfiguring. I'm so ashamed of how my body looks, I feel like the hunchback of Notre Dame :(
I just don't know what else I have to look forward to.
I just wish I could turn back the clock, but I realize that's not a productive way to think.
Thanks for letting me vent, I just don't want to overwhelm my hubby with all my fears!!!!
Thanks guys, Patty


Fantod - November 19

Hi Patty - I'm sorry that you are having such a difficult time and are in so much pain. Personally, I don't pay much attention to how people look. I do, however, pay attention to what makes them tick as a human being. You offer a lot of good thoughts and advice on this board. The fact that you can overcome your personal discomfort to reach out others makes you a person I want to know and can count on when I'm having a bad day. We'd all like to turn back the clock but that is not our lot in life. We have to make the best of the things that we are still able to accomplish. Your contributions here are invaluable and I am proud to know you. Take care.


brooksidefarm - November 19

I will pray for you and am thankful for all the wonderful help you offer all of us here. Have a blessed day.


ptalana - November 19

Thank you, thank you, thank you, I just can't tell you how I appreciate you all!!!! As I write this I have tears running down my face. Your support has become such an important part of my everyday life. This forum has become my therapy and I can't tell you how very special you all are!!!!
Deep down I do know that our appearance is such a small part of who we are, and I like to believe that others feel the same. I have to learn to accept all the changes in my life, all your help, advice and support is helping me greatly!!!
Love and thanks to you all, you guys are truly a gift. Patty :)


solanadelfina - November 19

Sweetie, that's what we're all here for. (Hug.) You have a beautiful and caring spirit, and that's the part that's going to last forever.

I work in retail and see lots of people, especially at the register, and what strikes me about a person's beauty is their spirit shining through their eyes and smile. A person can be in their twenties, dressed to the nines and all made up, but if they're being nasty it's all wasted.

Then I see a cute couple in their eighties, one of them using a cane and leaning on their spouse, telling me about the books they're buying for their grandchildren and the way they look at each other, and there is the beauty of love that's more genuine than anything mere physical traits can give.

Those who cultivate a loving spirit are far more beautiful and memorable than those who concentrate on the outside.


Noca - November 19

Have you considered having a nerve block injection on your left side where it hurts so much? Pain clinic physicians can administer the injection if you need it. The drug is usually Lidocane but can be something else.


axxie - November 19

Hey Patty, my dear forum friend.....

Not given myself the credit I deserve, I have always taken the back seat in lfe. It took a very special friend to light my way. You don't find SPECIAL friends like this every day.

Keep smiling, it light up your face with that special glow that invite people to see you and not what surround your body.



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