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What meds are you on?
8 Replies
Noca - March 17

What meds are you on? Anyone willing to share?


Lee2010 - March 17

Hi Noca. I was diagnosed with Fibro about a year ago. I am very unusual in that pain meds do not really work on me. My pain doc says that I have a high tolerance to narcotics, which has probably been with me since birth. It actually explains a lot as I look back. Currently I'm on Neurontin (Gabapentin) - 1200mg 3x per day. I'm also on Norco (Hydrocodone) - 2 10/325 pills 4x per day. Taking the Norco is like taking 1 Advil for me. I take it to relieve the throbbing - sometimes it helps. I've tried many other medications and none have touched my pain. The short list is Fentanyl patches, Oxycontin, Hydromorphone, Ultram, and Dilaudid. There are more, but I can't remember them right now. Needless to say, I'm pretty much at the end of my rope and hoping that the maxed out dose of Neurontin will eventually kick in. My doc says that it takes time and some people don't get the full affect for upwards of a year. Well, that's my drug story. Hope you have more success with your meds than I have. Hang in there. :)


solanadelfina - March 17

No problem. I'm on tramadol for the pain, one in the morning every day and a second if needed. (They also help pull me out of my black moods, but is the only side effect I've seen, so yay!) Also amitriptylene for sleep. I also take ibuprofen if needed for migraines or cramps.

(Oh, and don't mix up your pain meds and sleep meds. I made a mistake of taking an amitriptylene in the morning before work, lasted only about two or three hours, and came home early to crash in bed. Oops. :) )


Noca - March 18

I'm currently taking Nortriptyline 50mg at night, Remeron at night 30mg, Zyprexa 10mg at night, Xanax 2mg PRN, Klonopin 2-4mg PRN, Dilaudid 4-16mg PRN, and Fentanyl 25mcg/hour patch.

I also have some 200mg Celebrex, some 10mg Valium as well as a slew of other meds that I rarely use.


Duo - March 18

I take three x 10mgs Amitriptylene at night and ibroprofen 1 x3 times a day when pain is "not too bad" however when symptoms flare and pain is unbearable I take tramadol 1 x 3time a day (but feel very spaced out on these). I was very reluctant to take the amitriptylene but must admit it helps me sleep and in turn my TMJ doesn't seem as bad in the morning. I was just reading the post on prescription - quite surprised that "weed" seems acceptable in US - here in U.K. it is illegal (perhaps I will definitely have to move) lol. Regards


tnichel - March 18

Too dang many! lol.

Tramadol ER 100mg X 2day, bentyl, plaquenil, cymbalta, elavil, zaneflex, norflex. This is every day.

As needed:

Topiramate 100ml (for migraines)
promethazine (nauseau)
& something for anxiety

I try to take magnesium w/ calcium and multi-vitamins but you can't take them while on antibiotics. I cut back on the pain meds on my days off to give my liver a break. I've tried quitting a few since they're so many but sadly....I really do need all of them.


jrzgirl - March 19

I am on Darvocet 100, a mild pain med. that is all I can take, so many allergies to meds


jerzeegirl - March 20

I take Savella ... enrolled on a study for Savella in February 2006 .... when I was was on the variable dose study I took 175mg daily (100 in the am & 75mg in the pm)... when this study ended I enrolled in another study to determine how quickly and to what intensity Fibro symptoms would return if medication stopped... I had a 37% chance of getting placebo and I did... I could tell immediately as my pain increased rapidly and since the titration period off Savella was only 1 week I had wicked withdrawal from the medication ... I have removed myself from the study and now I am starting over... have to get back up to my dose of 175mg ... When I was at my full dose of 175mg daily my Fibro was much improved... though still there... I was just more "able" to deal with my Fibro on this Med... just concerned that eventually it will not be as effective... was taking 150mg daily for about a year and had my dose increased to the 175mg.... since the max recommended dose for this med is 200mg... I do not have much room for increase in dose as I am already at 175mg...


Tennesseechik31 - March 26

I am currently on Percocet 5 times a day if needed for pain for my fibromyalgia and a dibilitating spine disease. I don't understand why these doctors don't tell some of their patients what kind of pain they can experience dealing with fibromyalgia. I have constant nerve pain along with back pain and I probably get about 2 hours of catnapping sleep because I toss and turn all night because of the pain is unbearable. Does anyone else have this problem?



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