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What kind of exercise are you able to do?
7 Replies
TNUtammy - October 12

Stretching? Walking? Just doing household chores?

I'm going to be starting an exercise regimine very soon and wanted to know what you guys have had success with. I actually have caused myself a lot of pain in the past by starting out too hard and too fast. It's just hard to know when to stop because my body doesn't hurt any more than it normally does during the exercise. Then the next day I will be in such pain I can barely move, and it takes several days (if not a week) to recover to the point where I can be somewhat back to normal (whatever that is).

I definitely know that I'm going to be taking baby steps here, so any suggestions you guys have would be great. The only activity I've had for probably the last 2 years is just keeping up with my household chores, and the most walking I do is when I go to the store. I'm not saying that going to wal-mart isn't a workout in itself, but I need to start doing more to build some of my strength back.

The last time I went to a physical therapist, she really helped to point out just how weak my muscles really are. You know that exercise where you hold your arms straight out and the therapist tests your strength by gently pushing down on them? Well, let's just say that my arms fell so fast that it took me a minute to figure out what just happened. Same thing with my legs, and I was pretty embarrassed. I just told her that exercise hurts me so much that I just haven't been doing it, especially when I can't do anything to mess up my work schedule.

Well for the next 2 months I'm going to be on a medical leave and don't have the work excuse anymore, so any suggestions you guys have would be great! I've been doing some stretching exercises that I've picked up from several different therapists and doctors over the years, and hope to start adding short walks to the routine soon.

If you guys have any stretches that you do to help with the pain, I'd like to hear those too. I know that meditation can be helpful and have even learned a few things to help relieve stress, which I can share later if anyone would like to hear.


lisa1 - October 12

Hi Tammy. I find that walking is eally helpful. Just do a little streching first. Instead of 45 minutes 3 times a week, I have changed it to 15 minutes everyday. About all I can handle.This is on my treadmill at home. Stretching is really important even if you are sitting down. Just don't over do it and listen to your body. I would be interested in the stress relieving ideas you have


linda brown - October 30

hi, i too have been told to do the stretches and to take it easy. i walk my do around the block for added excerise. if i do too much house work, i to will pay for it and be in bed for a couple of days. i've learned to not worry about trying to explain anything to anyone and just do what i have to do to try not to hurt so bad. but everything you do seems to make you hurt etc, reading, writing and typing. but i've been told that i have to do the stretches everyday because my muscles are so tight. good luck


melvian - October 30

Right on Linda Brown!!! It's important to remember to not worry or explain to others, but do what feels better for you.


pastarasta - October 30

yoga is great to stretch out muscles and strenghten them. Just make sure to modify your poses to level one. I went from not being able to hold my self up to beignable to do push ups in four months ! Pretty amazing!


JJ1 - October 31

First, I have been reading lately how small bits of exercise are good for you -- it is not necessary to do the sustained 30 ++ minutes of aerobics to obtain benefit. The long sustained excercise can be difficult for those of us sufferning from FMS. Swimming is supposed to be excellent for fibromyalgia. I was in physical therapy for a while and they included water aerobics and this made me feel the best. Other things I try to do, depending on my schedule and how I am feeling are taking the dog for a walk or several short walks and taking the stairs at work whenever possible (my office is on the third floor). I am also losing things around the house, so I get plenty of excercise looking for things and trying to remember why I went downstairs, and all that fun fibro-fog related stuff.


TNUtammy - November 1

Thanks guys, it sounds like your suggestions are pretty much what I've been reading up on too. I feel a lot more like I'm on the right path now since it looks like most of us try to do stretching and mild aerobics/yoga when we can. Exercising for less than 30 minutes is a good point too, since it seems like prolonged activity can only make things worse for the next day or sometimes several days. Household chores should be considered exercise too! I can do all the walking I want, but nothing hurts me worse or gets me more tired than going to the grocery store. You do a lot more walking, bending, stretching, and lifting than you would think...and then you come home and have to carry in all those bags from the car!


LBB - November 1

My exercise routine really depends where my body is at with pain level. However, on days that I want to just curl up in a ball I know it is stretching and exercise my body needs. Swimming or even walking in a pool really helps. Sitting in a sauna helps with both relaxation and cleansing. I too enjoy yoga, and know that I need to do the poses and stretches within my limits. I also like to do low weights. This seems to get the blood flowing without the worry of heavy weight causing strain and pain. Mat pilates are also a great way to do stretching at your level. Hope some of these suggestions help.



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