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What kind of doctor is best?
5 Replies
bbass - March 9

So I am on my third week of a horrible headache, which I have been loudly whining about. I am slowly getting off my cymbalta incase that is causing it. My question is should I continue trying to get medical help, and what kind of doctor should I go to? My primary doctor has first said it is dehydration, then orthostatic hypotension, and now just uncontrolled anxiety. Had an MRI done, but it came back fine, and have been to a cardio, says blood pressure and heart are great. I'm not sure if I should keep looking for an answer, maybe it will just go away when it feels like it? Should I go to a neurologist? rheumologist? endrocrinologist? (sp?)I am afraid that nothing will show up because all the tests I take come back awesome. I should be thrilled and blessed to be in such great health...but I feel like crap most of the according to my doctor, it probably is simply that I am crazy.


Fantod - March 9

First of all, you need to fire your primary care doctor. Their lack of concern for your health issues is really apparent.

Have you been evaluated for TMJ? That can cause terrible headaches as well as problems with the neck, shoulders and arms.

Call your local hospital physician referral service and ask them for a recommendation to a headache specialist. I'd also get a recommendation to a neurologist. Get all of your medical records together, recent tests/bloodwork and take them with you to save time and money.

You are not crazy. Your doctor is an ass to think you are imagining these symptoms. Take care.


ptalana - March 9

I totally agree with Fantod, you need to get yourself a new pcp. I'm so sorry for the pain that you're experiencing:( I can sympathize being a migraine sufferer myself I know all too well how debilitating they can be.
When contacting your local hospital's referral service as Fantod recommended ask for a neurologist who specializes in headaches.
You are not crazy!!!! Shame on this doctor for making you feel this way.
Please let us know how everything goes.
Take care, Patty


bbass - March 9

Is there a local hospital physician referral service everywhere? I have never heard of it here. I live in Oregon, USA. I have seen others post about this service, but I am unfamiliar with it.


solanadelfina - March 9

My guardian angel doc is an internist who's had plenty of experience with fibro patients. He's the first one who's actually been really helpful on this. Doctors should understand that a job is complete when the patient is controlling the problem, not that a test comes back 'normal'.


ptalana - March 9

Hi bbass, I hope today finds you feeling better.
I would suggest that you google your local hospital's name and type in physician referral service and see what comes up. Other than that just give them a call if they don't offer this service they could perhaps guide you in the right direction. I know that this service is offered in many hospitals but I'm not sure if it's offered at every hospital.
Good luck, please let me know how things work out.
Take care, Patty



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