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dotcomsp - August 20

I also just found this site and wanted to post for a different reason. I am 46 and had suffered from an undiagnosed illness for the past 20 years. Like many people on this forumn, I tried physical therapy, chiropractics,massage therapy, pain medication, fancy medical devices and trips to specialist from neuro to back surgeons all to help diagnose and assist with my reoccuring pain episodes. At my low point about a year ago, I could not sit for more than 10 seconds without pain shooting up my neck and even the sheets on the bed hurt when I tried to lay down.

Then I decided to go to see an acupuncture guy down the street. Literally, a last ditch effort and I picked him out from the sign on a stip center close to my house. Was I ever so lucky, turns out in 5 minutes of discussing my medical history with him, a few pokes in some very painful trigger points and low and behold he tells me I have Fibromyalgia. I then go to my Internist the following day to discuss the diagnosis and she tells me that there is only one PA not even a doctor in all of Houston, Texas that is a specialist in Fibromyalgia and that we could run a lot of additional tests to try and preclude other potential problems but that there may not be a conclusive result and that I should try the accupuncture and see if it helps.

Now here is the kicker, to quote the accupuncture doctor he said, "I can treat that" and in 2 weeks after just 4 sessions (and yes they were painful with lots of needles everywhere) and doctor recommended exercise (walking/jogging), I am happy to say that I was 90% better. I continued to go every week, then every other week and now I go when it starts to flare up. I may go once a week or once every two months, just depends. Anyway, the point is that if you have not tried accupuncture, I would highly suggest it especially if you can find someone as good as the one I have (MD with focus on ObGYN, Master at Accupuncture and some fancy herbal degree also). I am not much into the herbs or pain medication since the accupuncture by itself works so good for me.

Just thought I would share. I can provide his name and number if anyone in Houston is interested.


Rebel - July 4

For 25 years I went from doctor to doctor only to come out with pain drugs and antidepressants. She must be a psycho ...a hypochondriac. At one point I considered suicide because the pain was so bad. I had burning scalp syndrome wish made my scalp feel like it was literally burning off my head. I was on so many meds I couldn't keep up with them. Doctors made me feel like a criminal and accused me of drug seeking. I was on this med to take care of the side effects of that was a viscous cycle. I was finally diagnosis with fibromyalgia...more narcotics...more muscle relaxers....more antidressants because I must be depressed. At the peak of my illness I met my soul mate. He stuck by me. Dressed me when I couldn't...wiped my butt when I couldn't. For 2 more years we went to consult after consult for nothing. More pills. My pain doctor wanted to turn me into an oxycontin junkie and by then NO pain meds touched my pain and I became allergic to everything but demerol. I was getting sicker all the time. I was an ICU nurse for 30 years. When the brain fog hit me I guess I didn't realize it. I was at work one day and had to call my husband because I couldn't find the delete key. It scared me because I could of injured a patient and not know it. The answer was always...oh it's your's another pill. One day I told my pain doctor no more steroid more more lyrica...I'm me find an alternative. She discharged me as noncompliant and gave me 6 individual scripts for oxycontin. I found a nurse practitioner that was willing to work with me. She helped me get off of ALL those horrible drugs. She gave me a TENS unit and said it would give my brain something else to do. She helped me get my Medical Marijuana license and I began working with a dispensary to find the right cannabis for me. I was taking zanaflex 8 times a day and prn. I did have to go back on valium 5 mg at bedtime which has really helped my muscle spasms. Besides my thyroid medication this is all I take now. Even my asthma is better. I was an ICU nurse for 30 years. Funny thing I could work as a nurse on all those other drugs but now that my mind is clear I can't because of the cannabis. From time to time I have to take an antispasmodic because my whole colon goes into a spasm. Tongue pain gone too. I recently went to Texas to help my daughter for a month. No cannabis there. We live at 8000 feet. By the time I got home pain was out of control. The altitude was killing me. Once I got my CBD level back up it has gradually gotten me under control again , It took me almost a month to get straight again. The stress of the trip and returning to altitude from sea level caused my 1st true IBS attack and it was a lulu. I will never be without my marijuana again. It seems I have just about everything associated with FMS but I've been there and tried "their" did not work for me. Except the nausea and reflux. I do have to take 1 OTC prilosec at reflux. The doc said I'm stuck with that pill. For the nausea I take 8oz of almond milk mixed w/1 tbs honey and 1 tsp ground turmeric every morning. No more nausea. Thank God there was one person in all those years who actually listened to me. I'm sure the accupuncture works great but I can't afford it. The TENS unit most likely does the same. Don't give up....there is help and it's not made by the big pharmaceutical companies. I really feel if I had stayed on all those drugs I would not be alive today.



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