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What is wrong - ALWAYS this time of year
13 Replies
Hithere - October 10

Thank god I found you! This is my 7th year and it never fails. We hit October and bam...I wake up with muscle pain, all over. My fingers hurt typing this. I've been to the doctor, had all sort of blood work, even went to a rhumatologist (sp?) and they did some electric current test on my arms which was normal. I truly feel it is Fibromyalgia however my question is this...has anyone here only had it during a certain time of the year? As I said, it hits in October and is usually gone by the end of November. The only other thing I know that is "different" with me is all year long anytime anyone pokes me, not hard, it hurts.

It started when I was 33 and I just turned 40. I am running crazy with my kids and sports, etc. This just stops me in my tracks when it hits.

Even sitting here with my legs crossed, my leg that is over the other is hurting my muscles that it rests on.

Does any of this sound familiar?


Gabbie - October 10

I'm also new to the site and am finding it very helpful to hear about others that have this also. I was officially diagnosed with fibro last winter although I have had pretty much all the things associated with it for many years. I just blamed everything on other things. I've been really hurting the last couple of weeks so maybe the time of year and certain weather changes triggers it even more. I find that even before it rains, it could be the day before, my whole body hurts more and sometimes colder temps bother me. I ache and "burn" all the time but I find that if I keep my self moving and concentrate on other "happy" things and not what the pains of the day are, I do much better I'm also sensitive to touch around my neck and shoulders so you are not alone.


sunglo - October 11

Same here as Gabbie for yr now and pro have blamed everything and everyone else for my pain..i have extreme sensitivity and burning..i find myself looking for clothing of the lightest material with no texure..then at times take icepacks and lay across my feet...i had blamed my aches on chg of weather rain etc but believe now it jus aggravates it more..i too am haviing a hard time with pain..i jus turned 58 and cannot function to wk was a fight but now on was hard giving in so early and yes finding this site was a blessing for me..i went from being active in traditional native american dancing and hairdresser(40yrs) to not planning day to day ..i have 10 grandchildren and the pain of not being able to play and even have them rub against me and also having my Mother at 80..still working....i didnt know if i wanted to go another day....THEN..i found friends that understand (what i call)THE FACE OF FIBOR! giving experiences and sharing has given me hope of fighting till maybe one day something will make it go hang in there..jus reading the posts gives so much info and then sharing is the great!
worked with my hands all my life but never figured id end up using my fingers on the keyboard...welcome!


JJ1 - October 11

Stress is definitely a trigger for my symptoms. Is this an extra stressful time of year for you Hithere? Maybe balancing things with the kids? I always feel the worst right after Christmas. I think I wear myself out trying to stay festive and make a good holiday for my family. Fortunately I make it through the holidays, but crash right after.


Hithere - October 11

I wouldn't say this is a stressful time of year but it is very busy. Since school started I'm running everyday after work to soccer games. I'm the president of the school PTO so I'm running 2 fundraisers and I've been chosen to organize the fundraising for the 8th grade class trip. Not to mention I work full time. Many say depression is a symptom of fibro but that is something I don't have. I'm so confused!!!


JoniB - October 11

The winter months are the worst for me with the fibro pain and chronic fatigue. The cold weather (and snow) and lack of sunshine make it difficult. My Dr. has me take 1,000 IU of vitamin D per day in addition to my other meds. I have been under stress and am moving now so I am covered with bruises and feel lots of pain. No fun to deal with chronic pain everyday!


JJ1 - October 12

That sounds pretty stressful to me :-) Kind of like my life. 3 kids but one is in college now. the other two are in high school and both cheer (2 different teams, freshman and JV, so 2 games per week), one runs track, the other takes voice lessons and performs in plays with rehearsals, etc. So I am running like crazy during school. I worked part time since the onset of my symptoms (i think caused after taking care of elderly sick parents while juggling family and work) but returned full time at the first of Sept. and feel symptoms worsening slightly.


janestone - October 30

it has happened to me too...two years in a row now- last year is was august 7-10th this year it was october 25-today. I have a lot of other problems too, but the doctors (4) have all said it is fibromyalgia flaring. :(


Gavin - October 30

Hi all, my FM presents with cold sensitivity as well, although I have heard of heat sensitivity, I can feel the heat a little more but not the discomforts associated with cold weather. The waxing and waning of our condition tells you the worse your present symptoms the worse you will be affected. Overall for both pain and cold I have found aqua therapy to be the best for me at the moment but I am presenting with extreme FM symptoms currently so other things like heat packs, lamps and even UV sauna's or heat lamps may br applicable for you. Remember UV in moderation kids!! Chin up. Gavin


TMM - October 30

After reading everyone's post it seems like I am no longer alone. I'm not sure if I am one of the younger ones of the bunch but recently my neurologist has thrown out the phrase fibromyalgia since we can't seem to figure out what is wrong. Mine is year round but is greatly exacerbated by the cold. However, I feel like I cannot regulate my body temperature since I have had my heater on since August. It feels like even the slightest touch anywhere on my skin sets off pain sensors in the brain. It hurts to brush my hair, brush my teeth, my migraines are worse than ever, Im tired all of the time and I find exercise which I love to do, unbearable at times not to mention exhausting. I've done chiropractic and massage and I'm contemplating acupuncture, is there anyone out there that can give advice on whether this might help? THanks.


melvian - October 30

I've done some research on my own and found that certain people are extremely sensitive to heat or cold. I know I've found that in October I start to feel worse and by May start feeling a little better. I've also read where Fibro relapses. Never heard how long/ short time frame. Best wishes.


Laura LeMieux - November 4

Absolutely! July, August and September are my best months and I'm relatively pain free. When transition into fall starts and weather changes is when i am not myself. The weather has a lot to do with my pain.


LBB - November 5

I definately agree that weather changes play a big part in my fibro falre-ups. I have a very hard time with the cold.....hmmm... maybe living in Minnesota is not the bst answer! My major flare though always seems to happen every spring. I contribute it to the dampness.


J em - November 5

Hi there, heat will help even if it isn't fybro. Fybro is like Lupus they tell me it has a thousand face, so everyone can be different in many ways, but yes usually fall is a bad time. I have had it for almost 30 years. Good luck in your search for answers.



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