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What is the real cause of FM?
9 Replies
aBeserra - April 14

I have heard many theories, and I have come to the point where I just want to know what it actually is. Is it a chemical off-balance in your brain, a certain DNA strand, stress-related, messed up neurons?


llcsmom - April 15

Well, I think you are on the right track when you listed several of these issues/causes. That's the point, I don't think there will ever be one, singular cause found for FM. And, some of these "causes" or "triggers" can or may be interrelated, like a vicious cycle, which sometimes you can break and sometimes you cannot.

More and more in the last several years, I believe it is being realized that FM has more to do with the brain/nervous system and chemical imbalances (neurotransmitters, substance P. etc. (As opposed to 10-20 years ago where it was thought to be more of a muscular/rheumatological and some felt an autoimmune issue).


maryel - April 18

For many years the most prominent, intelligent medical researchers have been looking for the cause of Fibro. Can't cure something if you don't know what causes it. The more you think about it the worse you will feel as you are increasing your stress level. I'm in my 12th year. One by one I have given up many of the things I used to do. I don't fight it. If I wake up on a bad day I just put on my robe and slippers, take a book and a blanket to my recliner.


ShesRestored - April 25


That is a great question that we all seek the answer to I think. Something that i am starting to believe is that Fibromyalgia; CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome); and CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Immune Deficiency Syndrome) are all interrelated if not one big 'condition'. I was diagnosed with CFS 11 years ago and Fibromyalgia last year. It does seem to make the most sense that their is a glitch in the central nervous system that does not connect with the other systems, namely the endocrine system. But as annoying, challenging and frustrating this illness is- I am just now starting to find relief in groups like this and of course the Lord.

Hope you have a good weekend.


Anne Hillebrand - April 26

All the clear fluid in our body is a little too thick.

Our liver cannot make a critic chemical the way it should - Hyaluronidase (HA).

HA tells the clear fluid to be thin or thick.

The clear fluid can get out of the arterial capillaries, but cannot get into the lymphatic capillaries to leave.

The clear fluid is the special part of blood that feeds all the cells. It keeps them clean and lubricated.

The liver has to have a good environment or it cannot produce enzymes correctly.

If our body is too acid or too alkali, too hot or too cold (thyroid imballance), or we have had damage to the liver (rear end car accident), the liver cannot make HA correctly.

90% of Fibros are too acid. A simple, cheap test of saliva pH will tell. 7.4 is normal.

Some are too hot or too cold. Check temperature.
98.6 is normal.

Anne Hillebrand


kiwibird - April 30

I'm of the opinion that my fibro was triggered thru a back injury nearly fours years ago now. Although it wasn't severe then it crept up and hit me real bad August last year. Ive been struggling on and off since then and find it very hard to do a full week of paid work. I work seated in a call centre taking phone calls and use the keyboard and computer all day. Its a frustrating condition alright.


Nimu - May 5

I am new here and just to hear the stories here makes me realize that I am not nuts!! I had to travel 4000 miles to be told that I have this condition 6 years ago. I was also told that I could also not hold a job which I have been doing for the last four year but it is getting hard and harder to work. I do not have the privilege of public health care and have to meet all the expenses on my own through a HMO. I am tired of being sick and need a break. Any suggestions?


seekinghelp38 - May 6

It's been a defeated process for myself. I too am a newby, diagnosed less than a month ago. I've suffered through this on and off for the past 12 years of my left, Dr's here in my hick town couldn't put their fingers on it. I've had so many tests my arms show the tracks, but I do believe it is a chemical imbalance. Through out the years, I've noticed a pattern, like clock work it shows it's evil head about 3 to 4 times a year. Just recently I've suffered through the pain for almost 3 months straight. I'm cold all the time even though the thermastat says 78 degrees. My hands are clamy,always cold and I am fatigued to the point of wanting to lay down, and not ever getting back up. It makes sense what Ann Hillibrand posted as to the fluids in our body, I've been in several car accidents. Never really treated my injuries to my back. Now 43 years old and I feel like I'm 80. It's taken the joy outta my life, and I wish and pray to God everyday they find a cure.


Anne Hillebrand - May 7

You can read all details of the FibroFix method online.

Anne Hillebrand


Rockyboo15 - May 13

From what I have read, FMS is all about referred pain and pain amplification via a nervous system that is misreading the pain signals which then sets up alodynia (normal sensation is felt as pain) and hyperalgesia ( any painful stimuli is greatly amplified). Normally our brains are bombarded with signals all the time so the Central Nervous System normally cancels out those which are not informing us of harm, but in FMS that cancelleation does not happen hence we feel normal sensations as pain ( can`t sit long, clothes hurt, movement hurts etc)Might not be the whole story but made a lot of sense to me. This chronic neuropathic pain is why we need meds like amytrptalene or dosulepin to calm the nervous system down. I have certainly found a difference since I went on these. (Amytriptalene was great for pain but did not agree with me so I moved onto dosulepin which also helps.)Will look up Anne`s site as the liver info sounds interesting as I reckon my FMS started after an RTA whiplash followed closely by a fall downstairs. Hope you all feel better soon



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