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What is fibro to you?
4 Replies
islandguy - February 5

Many of us struggle everyday with this undefined disease they call fibro. Each of us can give a different reason why and when we think we concieved this syndrome. We are all different and the effects of fibro are individual. The effects from this disease are harsh on some, milder on others and non existent for a small few. We know that the disease has received credibility and much research points toward the brain processing pain differently for us than for the normals.
No one can feel my pain nor can I feel theirs.
I know that being in my mid fifties, otherwise in good health, that this disease is real. I have struggled with it for a long time. I have tried many things to ease of the severe flares that are inflicted on me from time to time with some good results but only temporary . ..... Fibro to me is a crippling, debilitating, incurable, irritating, nauseating and an extremely painful disease. Planning anything in my life is temporary as a flare up can cancel plans in minutes.
I wait for the medical community to come up with one test that will say "yah or nah" to Fibro. In the meantime I appreciate forums like this that let me know that people really care about people....
Take care because I care.....


Gabbie - February 5

Hello islandguy. Hope you are doing ok and also your wife. You're right. This condition (I like that better than disease) can be crippling at times, but I try to stay as upbeat as I can. Several years ago (before I was diagnose with fibro) I was tested for reflux and although not much of an inflamation in the esophagus showed up I was treated as such. I wonder if it was fibro all along. I have pretty much all the other symptoms, just a couple daily and at other times all at once. The "reflux" let up for quite some time, until now. For the last couple of weeks I have a heaviness in the chest (with some, excuse me belching) pain in the middle of the upper back, shoulders and upper arms down to my wrists. I'm thinking about calling my doctor but not sure it should be the rheum or my regular MD.


JJ1 - February 6

I guess I am fortunate, if you can call having fibromyalgia fortunate. My symptoms are mild compared to others. It has affected my life greatly, though. Mostly from constant fatigue. I also have difficulty focusing and completing tasks. Crippling pain is rare for me, thank goodness. For me fibromyalgia has been not able to fully apply myself to my job, my family or even to just me.


meggie - February 7

Hello islandguy, i hope you are having a good day. For me fibromyalgia is something ive been diagnosed with for 1 year but had for many. My consultant believes that several highly stressfull situations all errupting at the same time was my trigger. Ive spent the last year waiting for it to return to the hell from whence it came. Ive been in denial, only recently doing much research, and i dont like what i see! At least i now have more understanding of the pain, confusion, fatigue and god awful itching. For me it has taken my memories of my children growing up, im so thankfull for photos as my memories are so few. It hurts so mum when the kids say 'do you remember that time mum when....' i rarely do but i just nod and smile.
Like you i dread making plans, wondering wether i'll actually be able to walk more than a few yards or be able to raise my sleepy, disorientated head from the pillow. Often i struggle to co-ordinate a meal with more than two ingredients and my confidence in driving is virtually nill. I am mourning the loss of being able to spend all day working in the garden and all evening in the pub ;) by 5pm im just about done in. Im mourning taking my dog for long walks, as is he im sure! I have had to leave my job as a carer in a busy unit as i was finding i needed more help than the residents so im now trying to get my head round benefits, ive worked from the age of 12 im now 42, whats going to happen about my mortgage at this point i have no idea, but im working on it. Ive gained 2 stone in weight, i comfort eat a lot, im really struggling to control that but know i must, so....all my clothes are tight and digging in, as if im not uncomfortable enough already, and i dont have the money, energy or inclination to buy more. Some days i can barely string a sentence together or process anything thats said to me. Im sorry to go on and on, you caught me at a low point :)


lmb2 - February 7

for me it's annoying beyond belief! I've had it for about 2 1/2 years but only been diagnosed for a few months. I have days where I'm so uncomfortable and in pain that i can't even stand myself lol. It's horrible in my left shoulder/back and some days I seriously want to rip my shoulder off!! I also have extreme exhaustion that makes me want to scream and i don't know what to do about it. I'm trying my best to accept it all, but it's hard to submit to it. Most of the time I hide my discomfort and pain and try so hard to do the things i need to do regardless.I try to hide it for my children and my husband.... and for myself a bit... I refuse to let my children see me that way and I don't like feeling like a cripple, though most mornings I can hardly even move my hands or my legs (feels like arthritis).. so, that's what it is for me...



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