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What has helped your pain?
13 Replies
bharmon - April 29

My pain is not being helped by Lyrica although my MD says that it is the best antidote. I've tried everything but still have to take Hydrocodone for the pain daily. I have learned that it is better for me to take the pain medication before I get to hurting bad as I think that the more you have the pain, the more it hurts your nervous system and depresses you. Does that make sense? So dear - take the stronger pain meds as what you are taking does not phase FMS. Good luck and hope you get better! bharmon


Fantod - April 29

Have you tried Cymbalta for widespread pain? It is helpful to some people with FMS. Take care.


tnichel - May 1

Have you been tested for any other conditions? The lyrica worked for me but I also take 3 other meds for lupus and sjogrens. I started with one pill and worked up to the others until the right amount and type of drugs were found. And it took at least month before I could see the difference from the meds.


llcsmom - May 1

Unfortunately, my daughter has the FM and nothing has worked for her. She is 11 and so she will not be taking narcotics or Lyrica at this point. I have read that the chronic pain of FM and some other disorders will not be affected by pain medicines very much. Pain medicines help with injury types of pain, but may only help a little with chronic pain. Endorphins help the most with chronic pain. That is why mild exercise is recommended for people with FM. I know some people say that Tramadol works quite well and it is not a narcotic med.


Connie - May 1

Tramadol up to 300mg daily and Vicodin 5/500 2-4 tablets as needed daily along with Effexor 225mg and Cymbalta 60mg. For sleep I use Remeron 45mg. This combination has evolved over the past 20 years and seems to ease the pain.


happyfibro - May 25

Ultram worked for me after only 3 days of taking it. Superior relief! I stopped taking it after that (it made me feel disconnected), but it had done its job by breaking the pain circuit. My pain has been significantly less than it was ever since. I haven't found any anti-inflammatory that works well for the pain I still have. But it's dealable most of the time. I have found that Pilates and stretching help. I'm trying a gluten free diet currently and that seems to have reduced the residual pain somewhat. Check out my blog for more info.


VictoriaB - May 27

Nothing helps my pain except narcotics, I have tried reverything and I exercise almost daily. If I don't take something at the beginning of the cycle then the pain gets unbearable. Lyrica is remarketed neurotin. Everyone is different and you have to find what works for you. I wish that I had quit trying to be brave or whatever and simply address the pain! Good Luck!


LOVE2SHOP - May 28

No luck for me yet! I hurt constantly!!!!! Lyrica helped some, but seemed to cause me to over eat.... so I quit taking it. I've read some of the responses, and I plan to check with my doctor on some of those meds.


Natasha31 - June 1

unfortunately i have not found anything to help i have tried allsorts over the years and still trying i am quite lucky because i now have a doctor who is really trying and working with me to find something so fingers crossed, hope you find something soon hun Good Luck! Nat x


lanie - June 25

I have been using Neurontin with some relief and very little side affects. I can honestly say that I have more days now that are tolerable than I have in years. I am not saying that I am pain free but do have days that are tolerable. The positive thing about Neurontin is that you have a long range that can be increased to help manage or at least give some relief to the pain. I recently increased mine due to an increase in stress. Good luck!


lanie - July 3

I have used Cymbalta before with no relief. Unfortunately all meds vary for different people.
I was put on Neurontin and had results within 3 days!!! Yes, I still have pain but it is tolerable now. Still no energy though. Some people have bad side affects from Neurontin, I have not had any. Also, research Vitamin D3 & Vitamin B12.
Good luck to you.



Tracieg - July 5

I have taken Hydrocodone, Flexeril, tixadine and darvocat with nothing really working. I had a prescription for Lyrica but never filled it because one of my doctor's said it didn't do much really. I'm so sick of the pain. I need to take something. Anyone with some advise please write me. I have to get my doctor to give me something more. I was good for a bout 2 weeks and last night it came back as bad if not worse than it ever was. I'm at work today and just can't get comfortable with the pain.


iliveinpain - July 23

I've had alot of luck with 800 mg. Skelaxin every 8 hours. It's a muscle relaxant and the only one that's actually helped me without knocking me out. Good luck to you.


ibritz - July 25

I take vicodin for the pain. Sometimes, it takes off the edge of the pain, sometimes, rarely, takes away the pain for a couple of hours. I don't take it continuously, but the break from pain is great. There are some nights I have to take it to get to sleep becuase of pain. I am on several other meds also, so I am lmited on what I can take for FM, so in my case, pain meds are a godsend!



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