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What Fibro med(s) help you most for pain?
6 Replies
RLFORTIN - September 16

Right now, I am taking Lexapro, Darvocet and Methadone. It is not helping at all to reduce my pain....I am in so much pain ...I am losing my mind. I am going to see my Rheumy tomorrow..
What can you suggest?
I also take Omega3 1200mg daily.



Noca - September 16

Fentanyl 75mcg/h and Dilaudid 16mg help me the most with my pain. I have Lyrica but I havent tried it yet.

I assume you just are not on the right dosage of your Methadone. As for Darvocet, it is an extremely weak pain killer, so don't expect it to do much. As for Lexapro, it does nothing for pain related to FMS except if you are depressed and the pain is coming from depression.


Stacey373 - September 17

Hi RL - I'm taking Lexapro too and it doesn't help with pain at all...just helps with depression. I'm taking Norco 10/325 mg for pain and recently started adding in 1 or 2 methadone 10mg on my bad days. Noca is right, Darvocet is a very mild pain killer...I would ask for either Percocet or Vicodin. Norco and Vicodin are both hydrocodone...Norco is just twice as strong as Vicodin with less Tylenol.

I also take 2 flexeril (muscle relaxer) every night. And I'm taking a prescription strength Vitamin D and then OTC Vitamin B Complex and Magnesium Oxide.

Hope this helps you, Take Care, Stacey :o)


RLFORTIN - September 17

Noca & Stacey373,

Yeah, I am really starting to think that I am undermedicated. My pain dr only gives my 5mg of methadone (7.5mg a day) I have to skip some daysso that I have enough pills for my bad days.
I have to take at least 10mg at a time to help with the pain and that only take the edge off a little. I think that so many Dr's are affraid of addiction. My breakthrough pain is Darvocet and I have to take 2-4 pils at a time. Again , I have to skip on days to have enough on my bad days. I just wish that my Dr would just give me enough for the month. Gee! I have tried Vicodin and percocet in the past and they only give me insomnia. For some reason, he will not give me Norco.

Thx for your replies : 0)


Noca - September 17

RLFORTIN try going to a pain clinic, they treat you with more respect there and give out more pain meds.


Stacey373 - September 18

RL - If you have problems with Vicodin, then you probably can't take Norco either. As I said before, both these meds are hydrocodone....the Norco is just twice as much as vicodin.

I'm surprised you have a problem with Percocet...Darvocet is just a milder form of percocet.

I don't take my Norco past a certain time of day...otherwise it will keep me up and I can't sleep.

I sure hope you can get this figured out...Good Luck and Take Care, Stacey :o)


axxie - September 20

Hi RLFortin, it's hard and it does take time, before they have you on the right doses. Sometimes, the time of the year will do you more harm. Like right now, I'm in major pain, and nothing I take helps much. I take hot baths, sometimes hot showers, I take all kinds of creams to help with the pain, and yes, I have to sometimes trick my body into taking more of pain relievers to help me through the day.

The fact is, with fibro, you almost have to be seeing your doctor every other week, and you have to work closely with him. Maybe you should keep a log of the kinds of pain you are going through, this helps alot with the doctor to figure you out.

As for the prescriptions you are on, is very common to start someone on low dose and they usually always have the same prescriptions, to try you out on. Then after some time, they will move you over to pain medication that is more releiving. The thing is doctor follow a set standard and try you out on it, you feel like a guinea pig, until time has past and they understand your pain. If it's fibro, that you have, then I would be inclined to take, Cymbalta, or the other two drugs that help with the pain and depression.

I'm on ralivia or tramadol, it's all day acting pain medication diretive of opiods, most days it's helps me, but the weather is now turning colder and then pain is more intense, part of this pain I presume is arthritis pain, so you have to take different kind of medication to take away the inflammation, since I'm allergic to most medication that finish with eine, I have problems taking anything. Remember you when you are in pain, the best, is to try water therapy, taking a slow walk, or doing some mild stretching. You may even want to do them while you are taking your shower, it helps loosen the muscles.

Keep seeing your doctor and like I said, it helps to tell your doctor what kind of pain you are in, is it constant, is it shooting burning pain, is it a constant kind of pain.

Good luck to you and I do hope you make progress with your doctor.



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