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What Doctor To See???
8 Replies
LSeagren - March 22

I have seen a Rheum. to get diagnosed with Fibro. Also I see a Neuro. for my migraines and headaches. I see a Gen. Prac. Nurse Practioner for everything, including the Fibro. and headaches. I am now firmly believing that I need to see someone that has more experience with Fibro. as a whole. I am not getting relief/help I need with what I am doing now and I think my care is out of my current NP's realm. I live in Minnesota. Does anyone know of a Doctor/Specialist in the metro area of the Twin Cities that has some experience with Fibro? Any help is MUCH appreciated! Thank you!


Fantod - March 22

Go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and register. Then you can see a list of fibro-friendly doctors in your area. Or, call your local hospital physician referral service and ask them for a rheumotologist and/or a pain specialist (I have both)with an interest in Fibromyalgia. You can also google "fibromyalgia doctors Twin Cities" and see what pops up. Take care.


solanadelfina - March 23

Yes, I also live near the Metro in Minnesota. Go to Fairview at Oxboro in Bloomington and make an appt. with Dr. Veum. He's an internist with lots of experience with fibro, and has been my doctor for a number of months. He's both knowledgable and compassionate, and I call him my guardian angel doc.



LSeagren - March 23

TO SOLANADELFINA-My reply button isn't working!!!!!!! I would like to ask you a few questions about your dr. if I could get this reply to work...any ideas??? I would truly appreciate it!
TO FANTOD-Thanks for the recommendations. I googled a bunch of different combos and came up with a few ideas before I posted on this forum. But I'll try the National Fibro. Assoc. and see what I come up with. Thanks!


solanadelfina - March 24

The reply button seems to just take you to the comment box, not a private message system. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have about Dr. Veum. Should we use this thread or would you prefer email?


LSeagren - March 26

To SOLANADELFINA-I would prefer email but this forum doesn't allow you to post email addresses. Any ideas how to email one another? Thanks so much!!!


solanadelfina - March 26

No prob, just split it up. :)You can reach me at otremba, then do the 'at' sign, then it's 'embarq' and 'mail' with no space between, finally finished by the . and the com.


LSeagren - April 5

TO SOLANADELFINA--I did email you, but haven't heard from you. Maybe your spam filter caught it? I'll email you again today and see if it gets through. If not, maybe you could check your junk folder today to be sure. Thanks much!


solanadelfina - April 6

That's odd, because I wrote you back on April 1st. Maybe the email system was playing a joke on us? I tried resending my reply, but if it still doesn't work I'll just post it right on here.



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