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What doctor do you call?
7 Replies
ibritz - July 18

I have always had what I now know to be Fibro. I was diagnosed about 8 years ago. I thought it was all pain in the muscles and such. I found this site today and I can't believe all the info that is here! I can't believe all I am going through could be part of Fibro. There are so many questions. I guess the biggest one right now is how do you know which doctor to call. I have an internist, rheumatologist, urologist, gynecologist. I don't get much help from Internist, I think he thinks it's all in my head. I'm new to his practice (1 year), but i think that's long enough. My husband doesn't understand any pain he can't see. My mom worries about me all the time. My kids, 19 & 23 seem to be concerned, but don't get it either.


kathleen Paterson - July 18

Hi Ibritz
I just attend my Gp now .
I have been in hospital had a battery of tests , referred to rheumatologist, coudnt find anything .
i have had this for 3 years now anything i have tried doesent work,
i just try and keep positive , keep going to work , which is a great struggle , i seem to have every single symptom on the list . no one understands the pain you are in as they cant see it .
when people ask how I am now i just say just the same , whats the point
keep well
what symptoms do you have ?


Fantod - July 18

The primary doctor to call when dealing with fibromyalgia symptoms is your rheumotologist. If you are not satisfied with the options (ie: medication) that they are offering, find someone new. Call your local hospital and ask for the physician referral service. Perhaps it would be helpful to also see if they know of a fibro support group in your area. Take some time to go through the posts on this site. There is a lot of good information available. Take care.


ibritz - July 20

Thanks for the info. I am satisfied with the Rheumatologist I see. Both he and his nurse understand. Problem I have with meds is horrible swelling in my feet and ankles.


ibritz - July 20

Kathleen, I am sorry they can figure out what is wrong. I too have many of the things on the list, but how many are becuase of fibro, I don't know. I never ask someone in passing how they are, if I ask, they know I am truly interested. Days that are the worst, but I am out somewhere, I say I've had worse days, but I've had better ones too. And of course those you just say - I got out of bed, or like you said - Nothing new or about the same. Good luck. I hope they find something to help you out!


cancewicz - July 20

I went to the National Pain Institute where I live and got wonderful treatment for my arthritis and fibro including PT, IV vitamin/mineral infusion therapy and prednisone shots in the neck to loosen the muscle spasms. They are so supportive and proactive towards getting you back to living again. You can get more infor on the NPI online. Just google National Pain Institute. I still have my good and bad days, as I probably always will, but they are always there if and when I need them again.


Gabbie - July 20

ibritz. The best doctor to see would be a rheumatologist, who believes and treats people with fibro. You need someone who you can talk to. This site is also great for asking, comparing and just sharing with people who can truly relate to fibro symptoms. I encourage you to stay with this forum. It can be of great help and comfort.


ibritz - July 23

Everyone: Thanks for the info and support. I will begin seeing my Rheumatologist with all my problems.
Thanks, Rita



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