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What do you think of my doctor?
4 Replies
Bill - January 14

I went to my family doctor today to get some help. I suspect that I have fibromyalgia and I have been feeling so horrible for the last couple of months I can barely take it anymore. I have been reading about Fibromyalgia for awhile now and my doctor had even mentioned to me in the past that with my muscle problems and possible Fibromyalgia I need to be exercising as much as I can. Well for 8 weeks now I have a lot of pain in my back,shoulder, arm and hand and have been battling so much fatigue. . . Never mind the TMJ, IBS, lots of nausea and other problems. So I went to see the doctor today for a referral for massage therapy and mustered up the courage to actually discuss the possibilities of me having Fibromyalgia. (I have been diagnosed with CMS already). I told the intern that I'm not tolerating the antidepressant I'm on and that I have enough problems feeling foggy and this is making it worse. Well I finally get called into the doctors office and I get my GP's intern. My GP knows how complicated I am and yet sends an intern to see me. So I have to go through the whole story of the past 5 years with him. I informed him that I suspect I might have fibromylagia and would like to know if I do and what to do about it. I mentioned that I feel like I'm at the end of my rope and that I can't take any more meds or pain and be able to function. The intern says to me, "well many doctors don't even believe that Fibromylagia actually exists" and then goes on to say that my family doctor does have a good speech on Fibromyalgia and that he will go and get him and we can both hear it. . . . After 5 minutes my regular doctor comes back with the intern and he proceeds to tell me that whether I have FM or not doesn't change anything and that I should continue to exercise and he agreed that the massage therapy would be good. I asked him about all the other concerns I raised today and he replied "let's just deal with the massage for now and see how your arm feels". He then proceeds to go back to his office and fill out the referral slip to give to the intern. The intern comes back and hands me the slip and says the GP says I should continue with the same antidepressant and asked if I needed and other prescriptions? Well, by now my blood is boiling. My life has been hell for months, I had to wait an extra 45 minutes in the waiting room for that medical advise!! PATHETIC! So I replied to the intern (in a calm voice) that I am extremely upset right now and it would be best if I leave immediately. He said ok and I left. What the heck am I supposed to do with that type of medical advice? Any suggestions? Man I just need to vent right now. My whole family has been taxed, stressed and inconvenience by my health over the last 6 years and I want more answers and advice. Well, I'm sure not getting it from my GP. I hope what I wrote makes sense, I'm just a little steamed at the moment (still) and just needed to blast it out on this forum. I'm wondering if anyone can relate to what I'm feeling right now?


Beverly - January 6

Thousands of people including myself could have written your letter. I have had Fibro for most of my life. I'm now 69 yrs. I was only diagonoised four years ago. Over the years I was given every test along with numerous trips to the emergency room with presumably nothing wrong. A family who thought I was just lazy even though I never gave in to it.

Four years ago my mother died and I called a cousin of mine to tell her the time for the memorial service. She is a registered nurse. She went on to tell me she couldn't say for sure she could attend because she has good days and bad days. When I questioned her on what her problem was she told me she had Fibro and I ask her what that was. When she told me it was as if she were laying my life out in front of me. She told me to make an appointment with a Rheumatolist. I did and was told indeed I had Fibro. When I went back to tell my GP that I had Fibro he sort of laughed and said at the AMA Convention's Fibro is always mentioned but not much attention paid to it. I strongly suggest you find a Rheumatoligist who will have the skills needed to give you correct diagnosis and if you do have Fibro will be able to give you the help you need.
Good Luck


[email protected] - January 8

Hi Bill: What I have to say will not be accepted on this forum. e-mail me.


Juanita - January 12

Been there, heard same stuff you did. Keep trying other doctors. Try to research for FMS doctors in your area. Call and ask if they treat FMS. List where you live and there may be other other readers on this forum that may live in your area and can help with names of doctors that they know have treated FMS patients and don't think they're crazy. Also post on for help in finding a doctor. I see these questions and answers all the time. Good luck and God Bless You.


KimR - January 14

You definately have to find another doctor. I suspected my fibro diagnosis only a week ago, went to my GP, who blew it off and ordered a CAT scan and blood work. I didn't tell him I had an appointment a few days later with a fibro specialist, fortunate he was in my area and had treated over 15,000 patients and wrote a few books, and has it himself. He located 14/18 trigger points and gave me some supplements, additional bloodwork and some physical thearpy. I will be seeing him again in 5 weeks. I was so thankful for the internet and these message boards to help me find the right doctor.



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