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BostonAnthony - January 20

Hello all...well this is my first post, about 2 years ago was really sick and my throat was swollen and white and was very fatigued,sleeping 12-18 hours a day for 3 months, migranes, aches all over, no motivation, depressed, the whole 9! Was first diagnosed with mono, but the tests were negative, then doc thought it might have been mold sickness,but I have since moved, and ever since the sickness, i have gained 50 pounds!! I used to bodybuild and now cant even get in the gym because of pain in my shoulders and fatigue and no motivation. I have endured alot of stress prior to and during sickness ,so my doc now thinks its BI polar disorder , but I swear I have all of the symptoms of fibro! I also have had a burning sensation on the leftside of my back and under my armpits for a week, and no matter how much sleep i get i still feel exhausted! What should I do?


Gabbie - January 20

Hello Anthony. You didn't mention what type of doctor you have seen but the bi polar disorder you speak of as far as I know is more personality changes, consisting of depression and mania with all sorts of other things coming into it. Your symptoms could be from fibro, but you need to see a rheumatologist who is familiar with the syndrome and knows how to work with the patient. You definately should have the blood tests needed to rule out any other problems. I have fibro, complete with most of the symptoms and that burning sensation you mentioned is one that I have. When you don't feel well, it is understandable that a person may feel depressed (also a fibro symptom) but I wonder just how much time your doctor has spent with you and has he been too quick to diagnose you with bi-polar. Please see a specialist, have the needed blood tests to help determine what it isn't and find out for sure exactly what you are dealing with. I wish you well.


sueann - January 21

You have described me to a tee and I have had it, (Fibro) for 8 years. Find a good Rheumatologist, one who believes in Fibro. That will be the best thing to start.


AKFlyfisher - January 21

My symptoms started like yours, I thought I had a virus and caught it after I moved out of state starting a new job. I have spent lots of money on doctors (fired 4 internists, 3 gastroenterologists, and out lived my rheumatologist, he died in a plane crash. Go see a rheumatoid doctor and maybe a neurologist. I have a syrinx in my spinal cord and might need surgery. Good luck, try elavil 1st, or Neurontin or Lyrica. I tried all the antidepressents and all they did was give me the runs/diahrea.


JJ1 - January 21

def sounds like fibro symptoms, but you need to see a rheumatologist for proper diagnosis. If there is a local fibromyalgia support group, call them and see if they can recommend a doctor for you.



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