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What do you take for Pain?
7 Replies
SAHMof2 - March 31

Right now i'm in the middle of a Bad flare up. my FM And Costchrondritis is Killing me for almost 2 weeks now. My left side of my upper body is in Agony. I'm practically living on tylenol and Advil. But they aren't helping as much as i'd like. I used to take neurontin years ago. Can't remember why I quit taking it though. I Need to get back to doing Acupuncture. It Really helped me in the past. But $$ is a Big factor. So what do ya'll take for the pain?


peppergirl52 - March 31

I have been taking Cymbalta (an anti-depressant that also works for pain), topamax (an anti-seizure med that helps with nerve pain), and methadone. I've been on these meds for about 3 years. I've been on small doses, and lately have been having more pain, so I really think it's time to up the methadone, and maybe switch to a different anti-depressant. I'll have to see my doctor soon, to go over my meds. Methadone is really the cheapest of the high end pain meds. I was on Oxycontin before that, and with insurance, paid over $200/mo for it! With insurance, I pay $15 for the Methadone-one of the reasons I switched. Couldn't tell a lot of difference, either. Good luck!


VVickers - April 16

I've been taking Ultram for several years now. It works for me.


pfulton - April 24

My doctor gives me hydrocodone. I know narcotic medication is not the best, but I have severe pain daily. I don't take it unless I am having a really bad day and I usually only take it at home; not at work. It will take some of the edge off, but nothing really works. I took Lyrica, but it make me feel dizzy and disoriented. It did not take away the pain. Advil, Aleve, Tylenol etc. doesn't phase my pain, so I am not sure how helpful the over the counter pain killers are. They help with some things like headaches and minor aches.


islandguy - April 24

As you read through some of the information available on Fibro you will find that there are really few things that will help you with the pain without actually taking medication that "numbs the brain" into thinking you have no pain. It's a hard call on pain meds as studies have shown that opieds and narcotics have no affects on fibro patients. Some antiseizure medications along with some anti-depressants have shown some positive results for some. It seems to be a trial and error with meds. Everyone seems to be different. The pain clinic that I attend have tried everything on me and it seems that once the fibro recognizes that you are after it , it simply does not respond to the meds..... It reminds me of a computer virus that keeps masking itself to keep you from finding it..... Also the severity of fibro is different in every patient. It seems the one's that have been hit hardest are the hardest to harness with medication. Take care


bharmon - April 28

Dear SAHMof2: I feel for you and I know about the money situation - its serious!!! But I do know that Tylenol and Advil is not the answer for you kind of pain. I have doubled up on my Lyrica (now to 100 MG) per night and 1 Cymbolta (60MG). I was going to get off of the Lyrica but my MD suggested that for Fibromyalgia, Lyrica is the answer for the pain. If enough Lyrica is taken, in time you will not need the amount of pain meds. The MD I saw has a brother that works with a Fibromyalgia clinic in Dallas, TX. She told me to increase the Lyrica eventhough I didn't think it a good plan. The secret so far is taking the Lyrica and Cymbolta together and leaving the rest up to God. Hint: I was on trammadol for the pain but was having a lot of gas and stomach problems with it. For me Hydocodone is easier on my stomach - works for me. Its a hard role isn't it SAHMof2 - It irritates me to see doctors that are not showing any compassionate for this disease. Hipe you get better and remember, tomorrow is another day. Bharmon


carlatate - May 8

i have been trying to treat my fm w/ supplements- i'm taking bromelain, 5htp, and recently added d-ribose, along with a few other supplements. i had 2 really good weeks after adding the ribose, less pain and more energy, but it does seem to come and go. but, if i have a few good days here and there, it's better than nothing! i am just wanting to try anything possible that doesn't have side effects that can be as bad as what you are trying to treat.


Fantod - May 11

Here is another potential solution for your pain/costchrondritis. Ask your doctor to write you a script for Ketoprofen topical cream. It can be made in 10, 20 or 30% strengths. Lidocaine can be added to it as well. This has to be made by a compound pharmacy. If there is not one close to your home, the script can be faxed and they will mail the medicine to you. Ketoprofen is a pain killing cream that does not get into your bloodstream. It should always be applied to clean skin. Use rubbing alcohol prior to each use or put it on right after you get out of the shower. It works best on warm, clean skin. Never layer Ketoprofen, it will not work as well. You can put a layer of saran wrap over the affected area after applying Ketoprofen for NOT MORE than 2 hours. This will really help the cream absorb into the skin and make it more effective. I use 20% strength regularly and it has been a lifesaver. Take care.



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