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What do you drink?
18 Replies
tnichel - November 7

I gave up cola b/c of the caffeine's effect on my ibs. I drink a lot of water but thats gets old and I can't drink ginger ale all day long. Problem is, many drinks like gatorade and juice aren't any healthier and contain a lot of sugar too. OJ has too much acid. So do you have any suggestions? I have to drink alot to flush out all the meds I'm on. I just need a little variety. I've never been good with judging nutrional values, etc. so your help is much appreciated.


DoxieLOVA - November 8

Have you ever tried Crystal Light? It's good because it's low cal too! I like the lemonade, pink lemonade, fruit punch and rasberry lemonade, also if you like Tea with lemon they have that flavor should give it a try! Good luck : )


Noca - November 8

I drink milk or Minute made juice boxes. The juice boxes got 100% of your recommended vitamin C dose in a single 255ml box.


tnichel - November 8

DoxieLOVA, I'll give it a try. I gave up sweat tea b/c it does bad things to me. Just a warm cup of green or chamomille tea every now and then is good. Noca, I think my coworkers will get a kick out of a grown woman walking around with juice boxes. lol. I had a coworker who drank nothing but caprisuns. Minutemaid is pretty good though. Thanks for the suggestions.


axxie - November 8

How about drinking juice watered down, and if you don't have a problem with milk, then drink some milk everyday, try using the skim milk or the 1% milk. Personnaly, I drink all kinds of real juice blends and I water it down. I also drink lactaid skim milk and one to two green cup of tea after supper, the green tea is good for you to flush down and also take away the body aches.


solanadelfina - November 8

Tea has been my lifesaver. I don't use sweeteners, and the black tea has too much caffeine, but there is still white and green and herbal and the super tasty rooibos. Celestial Seasonings has a great variety, and is pretty affordable at about three dollars for a twenty-bag box. (The Moroccan Pomegranate Rooibos and Pear White are my favorites.)

Milk is also a good choice, especially when on the road. Many companies are selling bottles of flavored waters that have no sugar. (Target in particular has a good selection.) Just make sure to read the label first, as many do have lots of sugar. There is also a 'diet' version of Swiss Miss hot chocolate and a sugar-free apple cider powder.

Say, axxie, how much do you water it down by? I really miss my apple cider, and apple tea isn't cutting it.


axxie - November 8

Hey solanadelfina

I water down my real juice blends, with 1/3 to 2/3 juice, somedays it's 1/2 and 1/2, it depends of my moods and my likes that day.

Apple cider is very good for you, I usually to a mix of apple cider so very good, I tend to water it down, if I drink too much of it. I have a water cooler in the kitchen so whatever I put in my glass in juice I'll top off with water.

White and green tea, oh so yummy, I love the green peppermint tea, there are so many differents teas nowadays that I usually go to a teaporium and buy different kinds and try it. You can drink it hot, or cold, all good for you. Always replace the teas amounts with water, juice or milk.


sulydi - November 8

I mix my fruit juices with water also. I find I cannot drink water straight, and just a little juice makes it easy for me to drink. Also I do not like really sweet things so this helps in that area also. How much I dilute it, depends on my mood, but usually by half or even three quarters.


Fantod - November 8

Crystal Light is not recommmended for anyone with Fibromyalgia. Anything with an artifical sweetner should be avoided. I just drink as much water as I can stand and then some more. I gave up soda over a year ago because of the sugar content. I would have the same issue with juice because the sugar content will spike your blood sugar and then you'll have the crash aftgerwards. Water is boring but drinking it to flush your system and circulate the meds is the best thing you can do for yourself. Take care.


Noca - November 8

You dont have to drink it out of a juice box. They make the exact same juice in a frozen can form. Just make it into a jug and pour it into a cup with a lid if your embarrassed to drink it from a box.


Canada17 - November 8

If you don't like the juice box idea, you can always get some reusable water bottles and fill 'em up with whatever juice/water your heart desires. Costco is great for large quantities of juice.

Or you can just tell your coworkers it was recommended that you take a simpler approach to life to reduce stress and drinking out of a juice box makes you feel like a kid again... ; )

I gave up pop and "drinks" in June when I was diagnosed. Nothing with "cocktail", "drink", or "punch" in the name for me. Just pure juice.

I would highly recommend staying away from artificial sweeteners, even Splenda has some controversial findings. They aren't good for "normal" people, they really aren't recommended for FMS sufferers.

You could try a bulk food store for organic cane sugar and use a little of that with some fresh lemon/lime/orange juice in your water. It has a subtle sweetness, very nice. I use it in everything I would use sugar in.


tnichel - November 9

Noca, I was just joking. I don't really care what people think anymore. You can't with fibro when your lugging around an extra bag with all the wonderful things you need just to get thru the day. My godchildren will love sharing them with me.;)

For those of you who drink tea...are you drinking it cold? I never tried the different types cold, mostly I drink hot tea.

Also, are you adding water to juices to cut the sugary taste or for another reason? I never quite understand the whole flavored water trend. Either it's straight up or none for me.

I worry about my bones. I've never likeD milk and only drink it in cocoa or cereal. Thanks again for the suggestions.


solanadelfina - November 9

For me it's because I can't handle sugar anymore. I think 5 or 6 grams of sugar in a serving is about my limit, and anything more than that makes me really sick. A lot of juices and my beloved cider pack anywhere from mid-twenties to even thirty. I've tried some of the packets of powdered stuff to add, and have gotten sick from those as well.

I usually drink my tea hot, mostly because it's more time consuming to brew it and then chill it. ;) However, Teavana will usually have samples out, with at least one iced, and they are good that way as well. Brew it at double strength hot, then add more water and let it chill for a while.


brooksidefarm - November 9

I used to drink watered down fruit juice, but have switched to vitamin water for the past year. I love it! Not too sweet and the C+Zinc is keeping away colds. There are lots of flavors and it is is 89 cents for 20 ounces. Try it!


axxie - November 9

Ever think of doing juice ice cubes, you put one in your water and as it melts in the water it just gives you a sutle taste of sweetness.

Milk, you need, if you have IBS, or are lactose intollerent, you can use, lactose free milk, or you can go soya. Drinking just one glass of milk a day will help you.

water down juice is just another way of drinking water, and if you can't stand what water taste like, maybe you can invest in a filter, it truly gives you another way to drink your water and beside it does taste better then water from the tap.


Canada17 - November 9

If you don't like milk, you can take a calcium supplement, either in pill for or there are wonderful chews you can get (watch the sugar content in the though). Calcium is so important for women at any age...especially after we have children, they take all the calcium right out of us!


lorieholtz - November 9

i like to take gingerale and mix it with cranberry juice...usually the one with splenda. its a very refreshing drink plus u r getting the benefits from the juice.



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