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what do you do for the blues
5 Replies
jane doe - January 20

Lately, I have been feeling physically worse than usual, and although I have never been a depressed person, I am right now. I don't take anything for depression, and don't really feel it's necessary for me. What does everyone do to "snap out of it"?


carrie lee - January 20

jane doe, I know what you are feeling I am on antidepressents and have been for years and I have been in a huge alump lately, I dont care if I get out of bed if I take a shower or if I ever leave the house. I know I need to do something about this so I am making my husband make me accountable for the things that I can do. He's not upset that I am ill and that I cant do everything I once did, but he is very tired of me just being a pieve of the furniture around here. I need for him to get on my ass if I dont do something and knowing that he will be disappointed if I dont do something I told him I would do at least gets me out of bed and on my feet. It hasnt made the depression go away, I dont have an answer for that because when i'm alone and not busy I still find myself bawling and mourning the old me/ I havent quite accepted this new person that I have become with limitations and dependencies, maybe you should talk to your doc about some meds that might pick you up a little there is certainly no shame in that besides alot of people with fibro are on anti-depressents for many other reasons as well. If you need some one to talk to or to hold you aaccountable I would be happy to help, I think we kind of all do that for each other here anyway, maybe just not iny=tentionally. Smile, it takes more muscles to frowwn than to smile so there is one pain you dont have to deal with!!!!!


BRENDA - January 20

It helps to do something you enjoy. Not anything to enormous! Just read a good book, relax in a hot bubble bath, start a puzzle or knit,sew ,crochet something...etc. Sometimes light exersize...walking, riding a bike...anything to get the endorphines going & get myself out of ME helps! I hope this helps you!


jane doe - January 21

Thanks for the responses. I would ask for anti depressants if this continues, believe me, but I just feel like I'm in a slump too. Hopefully it will pass. I feel like you do carrie lee, sad for the old me who could do whatever I felt like (and needed to get done). I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired, and it gets to me sometimes. And Brenda, I do try to do the things I enjoy that I can, and it does help most of the time, but when I'm like this, I feel guilty for that because there is so much stuff I should be doing.


BRENDA - January 21

I know what you mean about feeling guilty, but thats why I suggest doing things that require you to think. Get your mind working on something else and do check into an anti-depressant! I am going to sound like an advertizement, but I take Cymbalta & I just love it! I didn't think of myself as DEPRESSED either, but the Cymbalta works on pain too. I have had a much better time sleeping & I wake with much less pain! I hope this helps!


Patrice - January 22

Hi Jane Doe ... Like Brenda, I too take Cymbalta and love it. When my doctor first prescribed it, I didn't think I needed it. But my doctor explained that it helped for pain, also, and would help for the occasions where I would get in a "slump" and get depressed. Personally, I try not to think about the bad associated with Fibromyalgia. I do a lot of research on my computer, try to interact with as many people as possible, do light exercise and stretching, play computer games (which helps with Fibro Fog!), take bubble baths, sew when I feel like it, go outdoors as much as possible, etc. Do you have a pet? Pets are great for depression. Find something you're interested in and like. Dwell on that. I don't know that I've helped any, but good luck.



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