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What do I tell my Dr?
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seasong - November 7


I am new here and scheduled to see Dr. tomorrow...
I am really at a loss as to how to tell him about all the symptoms I am having. I do not know about the trigger points, but I have nearly all the other symptoms that are mentioned.
What do I tell him so I will not be written off as a depressive or something? I have had one bout with depression 15 years ago and have been fine ever since. The symptoms I have now are not identical at all especially the ones I think of as neurological.
Any ideas out there? What symptoms did you all present with? What tests did your Dr. run? How did they make the diagnosis?
My oldest sister has Fibromyalgia, does this run in families?
Thank you.


Amyloo - November 7

Hi Seasong, If it were me, I would print off the most comprehensive list of fibro symptoms I could find and highlight every single one I had experienced. That way it's a real list of real symptoms and you don't have to try and remember everything. (add to it anything you do not see.) Make two copies, and go over it with your doctor. I wish you well. God bless, Amy


TERESA - November 7

First of all you have to be careful how you approach your doctor ( in my expereance) They want to do the diagnosising. Are you seeing a rheumatologist? They are more knowledgible abot FMS. Have you read the section about symptoms on this site? It is very informative & will give you an idea of what you need to talk about. Especially the section on trigger points. This is one of the main test they will do, along with blood work. They will put yuo through several test to rule out other diseases, but you can have a dual dx!! I have both lupus & FMS & they were diagnosised at the same time. My main symptom was PAIN!! hope this helps & keep us informed, Seasong!!


andi - November 7

Hi Seasong!
I saw a rheumie 2 weeks ago for my diagnosis. efore I saw him, I thought I was dying slowly or something and no surgeries helped nor did any MRI's or ultrasounds give any indications. Most doctors are just unaware, I guess.
Soooooooo....when I saw this rheumie, I had already read stuff on fibromyalgia. I felt like I had written the article! I said absolutely NOTHING to him other than WHERE IT HURT, WHEN IT HURT, SLEEPING HABITS...........I didn't tell him a thing else. I knew I was in the right place when he asked. "Has any doctor ever told you that you had fibromyalgia?" BINGO! Finally!
Bottom line, I didn't want him to know that I already knew!

SYMPTOMS for me:
1.Extreme pain radiating from the thoracic spine around to the ribs and breastbone.
2. Wrist, ankle, shoulder,neck pain
3. IBS
4.Lack of sleep
5.Horrible anxiety

Then he tested the trigger points.........OUCH!...I didn't even know they were there.
Diagnosis came a week after my appointment & bloodwork ruling out lupus and a few other factors.

Hope this helps...good luck!!



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