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JGS - October 15

I am a 19 year old male freshman in college. I was diagnosed with FMS when I was 12. Yet, since I moved from CT to KY my symptoms have been worsening. I have tried many techniques and medications, but none seen to ease the pain. Does anyone have any idea?


Jean - October 11

Hi JGS. I am sorry you are having this problem. The pain you are experiencing is coming from a chemical imbalance in the brain. Serotonin is the chemical that eases the pain signals of this condition. Some doctors prescribe Paxil or Prosac but I think they have too many side affects. I have been on Remeron for about a year and I am finally getting some relief. I would suggest to see a psychiatrist who knows how to prescribe said medications and monitor them safley so that you can get your pain under control. I think the sooner you get this accomplished the better you'll be under the proper doctors care. I know seeing a psychiatrist might seem crazy, no pun intended but I think they get a bad rap. They can help you with this and also get a good Rheumatologist for they also treat this condition. I hope this helps you.
The usual medications prescribed are antidepressants, muscle relaxers and opioids for pain. Ask your doctor about these and for your age .


gg - October 12

go to also
I have been on this treatment for 6 yrs. and it has been a tremendous help. Also google Dr. Mark London on fibro and guaifenesin.


Jean - October 13

Hi JGS. Let me know how your are doing. I am a great beleiver in higher education. I think dealing with Fibro is hard enough let alone college life. Once you get the Fibro under control you can handle the stress better, which you'll have alot in college, which will affect the Fibro so let me know how you are doing. Concerned. Both my kids were in college and my daughter still is so I know the college scene. Thinking about you. :)


JGS - October 13

Thnaks for your concern Jean. I anm doing ok. I am still getting used to being 800 miles away from home, plus being in a new enviroment, college classes, and especially Fibro. I called the Doctor fronm back home and he is putting me on Celebrex. I am getting it today in the mail so hopefully it helps. I tried anti-depressnats when I was 14 and I refuse to ever take them again. So, I am determined to fight Fibro with everything I got. Plus, I am on the bowling team in college. I got a partial scholarship for it. Since I have been in KY though, its been real tough since my muscle are soar alot and ache. Well thats my latest updates. Thank you everyone for all the advice and hope to keep hearing from u.


[email protected] - October 14

Hi JGS. 800 miles away from home is a long way. If you need another ear to listen you can write to me at my e-mail address. If the Celebrex gives you too many strong side affects please ask your doctor to change it.Remeron is milder if you can't take the Celebrex. Don't be afraid to tell your doctor because it takes time to find the right medication that will work for you. Whatever you do, do not get off of it abruptly because you will have side affects coming off of it and please be very careful about alcoholic beverages because it can inhance the effects of this drug, just play it smart and everything will be ok. Maybe we can get this Fibro under control so you can enjoy the rest of your life without this condition messing things up.
I was a bowler in fact that is where I met my husband we practically lived at the bowling alley. I had an average of 250 it's not to bad and its good fun and good people.
What are you studying? My daughter is getting her Masters in music education and performance and my son is into computors. they are around your age just a couple years older. Well, keep in touch and study hard we need good people such as yourself to run this world we live in. Hugs :)


[email protected] - October 15

Hi JGS. I can completely relate. I'm 17 now and was diagnosed when I was 11. It's certainly not the easiest thing growing up with FMS. Mine seems to be getting completely out of control lately. This week I randomly started getting dizzy and passing out, having horrible chest pain, and been so fatigued that I have been sleeping around 18 hours a day. Its good to know now that I'm not crazy or having an eating disorder like the doctor at the E.R. seemed to imply, because "most teenagers don't just pass out for no reason" (all of my 'blood work' came up normal). Its been increasingly aggrivating, but after finding this website, I feel a huge weight lifted off my mind. Its nice to know I'm not crazy, haha. Hope you find some relief in college. I'll be there in less than a year and I'm hoping that it won't be too much of a problem for me too. I've tried the celebrex, too, for a few months and I didn't notice much of a difference in my health, if there was in fact any change at all. I mostly just use alieve or acetometaphin OTC. One tip I can give you that has helped with morning stiffness TREMENDOUSLY (if you have that problem) is to get a heating blanket. Just set it on a low setting and in the morning, it won't be so hard to get out of bed. Its done wonders for me and I honestly think I am getting a better night's sleep as well because I'm more relaxed when I'm asleep. Anyway, hope you find that relief you're looking for. If you ever want to chat, feel free to email me.



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