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What are your tips and tricks?
11 Replies
Zsep - September 28

I was just recently diagnosed at the end of winter. But now having a name has just made it easier to see that I've had this for quite some time...Sigh. I'm kind of in denial.
But anyways what I'd like to know is your tips and tricks.
Like some days it's hard for me to get water bottles and mayo jars open, anyone found a way to make this easy?
Any simple fatigue fighters?
I have trouble squatting down, any creative ideas, like maybe I should get those trash pinchers lol?
These types of things, anything to make this illness easier to bear!!


FibroGal - September 28

Hi, Zsep. Get those rubber jar grippers. Those help. Also, I think you can buy jar openers now, if I'm not mistaken. That's just the first thing that came to my mind. If I can think of anything else, I'll let you know. Hopefully, others like Fantod and Axxie will be along to post their ideas. They and other regulars here are loaded with creativity.


axxie - September 28

Hello Zsep, welcome to our creative group, and how to avoid those nasty bumps on the road with Fibro. The bottle grip problem, I got tired fighting with them, so I bought myself an automatic jar opener best 20 bucks I spent on myself if I say so myself. I tried every method from fighting with them, to clinging it with a knife to trying to put the knife under the cap. I just got so tired it wasn't worth it fighting for it. Fatigue take a multivitamin and b-12, don't forget those important fish oil, pro-biotic.
You have trouble squatting I have trouble kneeling when working in my garden and I have no balance.

My Healthy Habits
Humor yourself * smile * laugh * keep your appointments * ask questions * take your medication * don't stop your medication unless doctors order it * keep diary of your pain (for show and tell) * advocate for yourself * get moving * therapeutic massage * drink more water * less coffee * stop smoking * moderate or no alcohol * no hard & soft drinks * keep the proper weight * reduce stress * spiritual health * remain hopeful * get some sleep even if it means with medication * multivitamins * and the best for last, if all hell breaks loose, run away alone for a few hours.....


pfiinch - September 29

My worst is sweeping and mopping the floors.So I have a broom that can be changed by the length and it helps so my back doesn't hurt so much and I use my feet and towels to mop.You just have to find new ways to be able to do the things that need your attetion.I am also very lucky my son inlaw,daughter and spouse do the things that I can't and if I start something and can't finish they will do it for me.Thank God for family and friends.Good Luck and God Bless. Patti F


tnichel - October 1

Make spares of your car keys and put them in places you can find them, or give one to a friend. Good luck with that since fibro fog can make your forget where you placed things. ;) In the beginning carry a wonder bag. Basically a bag with items you may need any given day to deal with your ever changing symptoms. Things like bottled water,a hat, pain meds, pain patches (salonspas are really good for small areas of pain, muscle rub and whatever else seems to help you). dress in layers...fibros do a lot of stripping during the day but we don't get paid for it. lol. Try not to put your arms and hands above your head. Fibros tire easily from stuff like that. If you have to clean make sure you take 5 minute breaks. Make sure you bedroom is dark, cool and quiet before bed. use a sleep mask and ear plugs if necessary. Don't carry heavy purses. Stay away from food with a high sugar content. Keep something like benadryl in your purse. I used to get random itching spells that were pretty intense and docs said it was another fibro symptom. Benadryl was the only thing that helped. And don't be afraid to ask for help. the biggie is getting up and going to sleep at the same time every night. With us, a lack of sleep severely heightens your symptoms. Good Luck!


solanadelfina - October 2

I'll try just using a thick towel to give me extra grip on the jars. As for fatigue, make sure your bed and room are at the perfect temperature/light/softness and everything is arranged how you want it. Sometimes meds can help, too, like muscle relaxants. I also will take little 'lie down' breaks, especially after meals.

Now that it's getting colder, I have my heated mattress pad on my bed which makes a huge difference on achy muscles! I also swear by hot baths, especially with lavender salts. If you can handle it, stretching and ROM exercises have helped me more than any medication. Gentle yoga and tai chi and swimming in a heated pool can help, too.

It's also important to do nice things for yourself, such as engaging in humor or getting massages or little things like fixing some tea and curling up with a good book.

It can be hard getting used to a different life, but I like to say that we have to grow as purple orchids instead of red roses like everyone else, and I wanna be the most beautiful orchid I can. :)


thintz - December 23

My main symptom is very...stiff fingers when I wake up in the mornings! I have done the following which has helped tremendously. I sleep with carpal tunnel braces on ( covered with leather gloves that fit over them. Pain in morning has gone from a 10 to a 2-3. I now sleep every night.
MY QUESTION IS: Does it make sense to anyone that my fingers hurt on a 10 scale and then I can bend them for 5 seconds and the pain basically goes away?


January - December 25

I don't understand your "QUESTION" in terms of the rest of your post… do you mean that your level 10 pain during the day is relieved by simply bending your fingers for a few seconds???

Is this your ONLY "fibro" symptom? Have you been evaluated for arthritis? Do you know if you have arthritis or beginning rheumatoid arthritis? Sometimes diet changes can help control your pain.

Glad the braces help relieve the pain so much! Perhaps the pain is due to a carpal nerve problem that is relieved with this night time regimen…? If that's the case, there is a surgery to release pressure on that nerve…. which of course, comes with the regular risks of surgery. You can google "carpal nerve" for more info. Good luck with it.


thintz - December 26

No...sore in many palces, just that my hands are the main problem.
No arthritis at all. Just very painful morning hands that dissappear with 4-5 seconds of flexing them?
Also...wired wrinkled fingertips....fluctuate from swollen to wrinkled in the ( finger pad/ pulp region ). Guess we all have our wierd symptoms?
Just seeing if anybody else shares these?


January - December 27

All I can think of is that sometimes if I sleep with my hands curled up, they hurt in the morning, but it isn't severe and it goes away when I start moving.

As for the wrinkled fingertips… that's a new one I've never heard of. If your hands swell up, it makes me wonder… are you taking any drugs for fibro? I think Lyrica can cause swelling of the hands. Maybe someone else can give you some insight. Thanks for posting, it's always interesting to hear about unusual symptoms. You never know - somebody else might pop up with the same thing.


thintz - December 27

I guess..none of us have the same symptoms. Eveyone here says they have fatigue as well? I don't have any. I wake up at 7am and have plenty of energy until 11pm? No fibro low energy at all? How about you?


January - December 27

You don't sound like the "typical" fibro person. I left you a post under "Fatigue." Yes, I have that, poor sleep, low energy, easily exhausted by half a busy day. I have to take really good care of myself to have a life. But I am better than I used to be! I quit the fibro drugs, went on a gluten free diet, and take a lot of supplements. If I could, I would exercise more, but it knocks me out. I also rest when I need to, even if that means sleeping during the day.



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