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What are the early signs
8 Replies
Debbie - January 23

I recently started experiencing pain in my hips and and buttocks with some mild migratory pain in my wrists, knees and shoulders. I only seem to have 1 of the tender spots that really is painful. My question is how does Fibromyalgia begin? How severe is the pain?


Jean - January 16

Hi Debbie. We are told they do not know how it begins. It could be by trauma, infection, or other medical condition. There is no certain way of determining how it begins. I only know that it does not come over night. It takes time for it to show up. Who knows how long I have had this, I don't know. I always thought my pain was due to osteoarthritis instead I found after tests were run that the osteo was not as bad as the pain dictated. I could have had this going on in my body for one year up to 20 years, My first symptom was my right eye and unbalanced feeling and then it progressed atreward and put me out of work and changed my life. I keep praying that know one else gets this because it is so awful a condition and there is nothing that can be sone with it except try to keep going forward. The Pain can be from a 1 to 10 depending on the individual. Some of us also have myofascial pain syndrome with Fibro and Osteo so the pain can become severe.


Debbie - January 16

Thank you for your response. I pray that you will find relief. This disease sounds so scary, and I don't know if what I'm feeling is real or imagined. I will feel a severe pain in my hand or knee, then in a few minutes it is gone again - plus the pins and needle feeling in my arms and shoulders that comes and goes too. All of this started in the last week, after I had about 1 month of pain and tingling in my hips. I guess I just have to wait and hope. Bless you.


Cindy - January 16

Jean - what was wrong with your right eye?


Wendy - January 19

Jean, I also want to know about your eye symptom. My fibro started with eye problems as well and I'm curious if you had the same symptoms I had. Thanks!


Jean - January 20

Hello everyone. Want to know about my eye symptoms, well I had an unbalanced blurring feeling in my right eye that kept going on for two years with no hope of finding out why I couldn't read, had double vision and nothing showed up on tests at the eye docors. Doctors thought it could be eye migraine and I took Imitrex which knocked me out of work for three days. Finally after 2 opthalmologists and 5 optomitrists and another opthamologist my eye problems finally after two years showed up on a eye exam and I was put into a prism lens, reading glasses. It worried me because MS sarts out similar to this. After reading about Myofascial Pain Syndrome I felt that this may not be MS but still everything is up in the air, nothing is ruled out yet. I am doing better however I still have eye discomfort but I am also trying to work again. I like to work and since I can read again why not. These syndromes are very challenging and I just keep hanging in there. That's why I tell everyone it takes time....


AKFlyfisher - January 21

It varies by person, and in males. I have more fatigue and IBS, but my back hurts all the time and I have itchy skin. My joints creek and pop and I have mild pain at times in my joints. For some people the pain is more severe and in others it is the fatigue. I am lucky I am still working but I force myself to get up every morning and do 30mins of arobic excercise each day and stretch. Sitting to long will make the leg and buttock pain worse.I do not meet the 13 tendor point criteria at all. I hope this helps. I take meds for sleep and vitamins.


Debbie - January 22

Yesterday in addtion to the hip pain that comes and goes, I have severe pain and tenderness in my left shoulder blade and there seems to be a tender point - but the hip tender point is gone. My question is do you hurt all over at the same time, or does the pain migrate from place to place? Also, are all the tender points tender at the same time? Do you think there is anything I should do early to try to prevent / revearse this disease before it becomes full blown?


Jean - January 23

Hi Debbie: I would suggest just keep stretching everyday and learn how to say no at times and don't put so much into your schedule. In other words back off and give your body a rest and away from so much stress and continue working with your doctors to at least get you to apoint that you can become complete once again as this is a life changing experience. Everyones symptoms vary and are handled individually so hang in there, one of these days you will start feeling better,. It doesn't go away, however, and you can control it once you find the right combination and help. :)



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