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What are pros & cons of Amitriptyline
17 Replies
Jones - March 18

Firstly, thank you for your kind response JJ1. I've just been prescribed amitriptyline by my gp and am going to start taking it tonight. What experiences have people had with this drug. I am very nervous about taking it, as reading other posts it seems to make people very groggy, which is the last thing i need as with my thyroid my energy levels arent the best . Also, i asked my gp should i see a specialist and he didnt seem to think it necessary.


caren - March 18

hi i was on amytriptilyne last year for 3 months i started having wierd dreams so i came off them i startrd taking them last nite im on 10 mg i slept well got up felt like i was drunck i think it only takes about a week ware abouts do u live i live in england


teresat - March 18

I took it for a week many months ago & I could not sleep!! Istarted to act psycotic! IT WAS AWLFUL!!! I took myself off & told the DR the next time I SAW HIM. He put me on Cymbalta & I just think it is wonderful!


kaye - March 18

hello I took amytriptilyne for about a month i gained some weight with it and was very tired I didnt care for it at all. I take cymbalta now and it helps the pain alot .


JJ1 - March 19

Those taking amytriptyline, how much did you take? I was reading that someone else was taking 100 mg and that is twice what I take. That may be why I don't have some of the severe side effects, since a fairly low dosage is helping me. Actually, if I am taking it late in the evening, I drop to just 25 mg so I don't feel groggy in the morning. caren - 10 mg is a very low dose for such side effects -- good thing you stopped taking it.


Fantod - March 20

Hello - I just answered your post asking about work. I started out on 20 mg of Amitriptyline. It was not helpful at all with sleep. I also had terrible nightmares. Switching to 30mg made a huge difference. Somewhat better sleep and no more nightmares. It does make me groggy in the morning. I have had to move my alarm clock off of my bedside table so I have to get out of bed to turn off the alarm. It is my undestanding that this drug is in a class of drugs that are considered antidepressants. There are only a few drugs that effectively help with fibromyalgia. Amitriptyline is used to treat depression in much higher doses. It can be used in strengths up to 150mg. So 30 mg is at the far end of the scale. Personally, I would not hesitate to try it. Cymbalta is another drug that is also effective. If you have some reservations about having your GP treat you, consider a board-certified rheumotologist as another option. It sounds like your GP is on the right track. I have found that accupuncture is also excellent for help with pain control. I hope my comments are helpful.


JJ1 - March 20

Fantod -have you experienced weight gain with the amitriptyline? I have not but it seems to be a common side effect. I wonder if this is usually with the higher doses. I take between 25 and 50 mg each night (the amount depends on how early I remember to take it to avoid feeling too groggy in the morning. I can handle the 50 if I take it 2 hours before bedtime and this generally makes me feel a little better than when I just take 25 mg.


Fantod - March 20

No , I have not expereinced any weight gain. I have lost about ten pounds in the past month due to the sleep issues. I am pretty tired quite a bit of the time. My appetite seems to have dropped off as a result. I am, however, considering changing to Cymbalta to see if it is any more effective than amitriptlyline.


caren - March 20

jj1 im taking 10mg im still feeling groggy i dont no why


JJ1 - March 20

caren - I wonder if a higher dosage would help you? My doctor started me off lower and gradually increased until it started making me feel better. Fibromyalgia can make you feel tired and fatigued, particularly when not getting sound sleep, so it could be the FMS and not the amitriptyline making you groggy.


JJ1 - March 20

caren - above is just my opinion. You should probably discuss with your doctor if you are feeling groggy.


tcmby - March 22

i tried it for sleep when i first was dx'd with fibro... it didn't really help me (or make me "psychotic" LoL ;) but everyone is different. i wouldn't be too worried about the side effects, the dose is usually really low & its not addicitve at all. if you feel it isn't helping you, ask for something else... this is usually the first drug they'll try.


teresat - March 23

tcmby, who's following who & making fun of who's post?


teresat - March 23

I feel the need to clearify my answer to your post, Jones. I was FEELING psycotic from lack of sleep. I hope that you are doing alright & that amytriptiline helps you!


tcmby - March 23

story time for bam bam... lol.


nicolahall - March 24

Hello, ive been taking amitriptyline( 10mg) each night for about 10 days, i havent had any side effects and it hasnt made me drowsy but my pain had not changed at all, possibly even worse. it feels like im being stabbed in my upper back. ive contacted my gp but havent heard back yet, has anyone got any suggestions? should i carry on taking it?


teresat - March 24

Nicolahall, I took amytriptiline 10mg @ night for about a week. I didn't sleep AT ALL!!! I felt as if I had taken a diet pill (meaning it had the opposite reaction with me)!! I couldn't get a hold of my DR either! So I just stopped taking them. When I finally did see my DR again, I told him what had happened & he put me on cymbalta!!! It also helped a great deal with the pain!!



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