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What a Day in Fibroland
6 Replies
axxie - October 2

OK, this is the new thread where we rant and rave about our day.

In Canada right now our weather sucks big time, no more of having beautiful day, and having beautiful evening where you walk outside and talk to your neighbor. This pas week, we have high humidity and rain.

My fibro giving me tones of problem, acting like a spoiled child, and I can't seem to disciplining it, and it just won't do a thing to help me, bah humbug. I keep doing good, I'm sure I'll get to act correctly with me. (I think I lost my midas touch).

Today, for me was just a doozie, I mentioned to you guys that I have a 16 year old, after backing into a big yellow cement wall, I had to get my new car fixed. Oh, I was happy to have my car back and what I did I do to it. Got it banged up, causing a mini accident (no one seriously hurt), just me who went for an ambulance ride to the hospital. I had many guys helping me, wow, if I was just young again, I would certaintly flirt. But I refrained, I went grumbling to the hospital for a check up. Stretcher ride, board on my back and colar for my neck. After several hours late, they set me loose and told me to take a few tylenol for the pain and keep quiet for a few days. WOW, a doctor who prescribed to me tylenol, yeah this one is going to go far. Thank god, I have an array of pharmacy in product to kill the pain. I just hope I don't have too many problems with fibro, but somehow, me think I will have a few days of pain.

OH, well, no one got hurt at the end, and car can be fixed and so c'est la vie. Hubby, wasn't worried about me, when he came to get me at the hospital, somehow he thinks I have 9 lives, just like a cat. Somehow, me think I lost a few lives, better be extra nice to my body, me think it needs it.

Come on the board and write in your day, and tell us what you've done in the name of fibro!!!


sulydi - October 2

Hi Axxie, and everyone.
I live in Saskatchewan, and it is friggin cold, and wet. My fibro is acting up also. I am so tired, not sleeping, and in pain.

Did get to spend the afternoon with my grandchildren, which was great. But am so played out. The rain is SUPPOSED to stop tonight. Sure hope so. We are renovating our house, and there is not much I can do while sitting with a heating pad.

Glad to hear that no one got hurt, and hope your feeling well soon.

I am thinking about soaking in the tub tonight, not sure if it will help, and am not really a tub person, but am going to give it a try.


Fantod - October 2

Axxie - You've really had a tough time lately. First the flu and now this. I hope that your fender bender doesn't cause you too many problems with FMS. I know it only takes a hint of stress to get things going in a downward spiral for me.

No funny stories to report. I'm just taking it one day at a time. Feel better! xo


solanadelfina - October 2

Axxie, I'm glad that you're all right and here's hoping for a speedy and easy recovery. Sulydi, I hope you feel better soon.

We're actually finishing up a redecorated room (in the style of Atlantis ;) ) for me. Bigger bed, since I tend to move around almost as much as in dance, and pretty aqua walls and even pillars. However, the work has been tiring me out and I'm still not used to the new bed. My new guardian angel doc put me on amitriptylene (sp.?) which has been a blessing for sleep and the lightheadedness, but I'm still not sleeping too well on the new mattress and had to go back to my old pillows because the new ones were three inches thicker! (Laughs)

Ah, well, I guess we're a lot more delicate now, like the princess and the pea story, so I'll just keep checking the mattress for vegetables and hopefully adjust soon. :)


axxie - October 2

It's early a.m., and I'm not allowed to sleep more than 2 hours at a time and I'm suppose to show the person who is going to wake me, that I can stand, walk and talk coherently. Big problem, hubby is tired and daughter has been asleep since 10. So I guess I get to stay awake all night, wait, I know, it's no biggy, I do that just about every night.

I won a landsly yesterday, my doctor finally broke down and gave me a script for the pain I am suffering in my body. So now, with the cymbalta, I have another pain recourse. Maybe in another 2 years, the good doctor might have another melt down and prescribe another drug.

Yesterday, I got the 101 on pain reliever. Yep I understand, why the people just try to get anything that is strong and potentialy addictive,doctors don't like to give you anything that might make you addicted. Don't doctors understand that we are not druggies, and that sometimes, some of us need the best drugs to get comfortable and have some sort of pain free life.


toots2889 - October 2

Axxie, Hello again! Sorry to hear about your car, and I hope your gonna be ok. It sounds like youve had it pretty rough lately. It can only get better from hear right?
Well, if it makes you feel any better, it hasnt been a barrel of laughs for me either. The weather hear stinks. Its cold and wet. Its making me flare up. I havent had a bowl movement in days now, so I get to drink a cocktail. Hooray!!
Did I mention that my sister invited me to her house for a visit last weekend? We had a great time. We joked around all weekend long about the speeding ticket I got on the way down. Its the first ticket ive ever gotten. If the cop wasnt so good looking I would of told him off. It cost me 117.00 to look at a good looking guy.
Then I was so cold yesterday that I thought I would make some chocolate chip cookies to warm me up. That was all fine and good until I put a pan of cookies in on top of another pan that was in there. Needless to say those ones didnt turn out so good. My boys didnt say a word, they just looked at me real funny.
I hope that cheered you up some. Take care Axxie!


axxie - October 3

Toots, the chocolate cookies (I could taste them)

Continuing on my yesterday journey, did I tell you how fun it was to have all these handsome guys take care of me, if I was 20 again. I mean I would have flirted with them all. First it was the police officer, then the ambulance guys and oh the best for last, the fireman. OH, if I was 20 again. sight. That's the best part of the whole thing, were all these fine respectable guys taking care of me, the doctor wasn't bad either. To all those handsome guys who took the best care of me, thank you.

BTW, I got news of my car, it is unsafe to drive, the back rod is split, insurance taking care of everything. They have rented me a car and I shall wait for my car when it is returned to me.

My body is compliant at the moment, so I hope I don't feel the pain of being knocked in my car, still have a few bruises and a big bump on the side of my head.



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