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went to the dr today... flector patch is a no no for me
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lorieholtz - November 25

i spoke to my dr about the flector patch and he got all excited an said yes... but then he said no. this i cux i'm allergic to nsaids. but the good news is that he gave my lidocaine patches instead. i'm so excited about this and if i had not known about flector this would have never come up. so ty so much!!!! for telling me about this. also he has chged my pain med. now i'm takin ms cotin, which is a synthetic moraphine. i hope this helps more. he is concerned about the amount of tylenol that i'm getting. my dr is very sympathic to fms and my nerve pain. i feel very greatful. so thxs again for this info


Fantod - November 25

Hi Lori - Sorry that the Flector patch didn't work out for you. I've used Lidocaine patches as well. I hope you have better luck with them than I did. I did not find them effective.

However, I have another suggestion if the Lidocaine patches don't work. Ask your doctor about Ketoprofen 20%. You may or may not be able to use it. Lidocaine can be added to it as well. Ketoprofen is a pain killing cream that is made at compound pharmacies. There are compound pharmacies everywhere. If one is not convenient to your home the script can be faxed and they will mail you the medication.

Ketoprofen must be used in a specific manner. Never layer it. It should be applied to clean warm skin every time. I usually slap it on when I just out of the shower or I use rubbing alcohol prior to applying it. You can also apply a layer of saran wrap over the affected area for NO more than 2 hours. This helps the cream absorb better.

It sounds like your new doctor has his wits about hhim. I'm glad you seem to have found someone who is not only listening but giving you good care.

Enjoy the holiday weekend.


Noca - November 25

Im on fentanyl patches, the strongest pain killer there is. Each patch lasts for 72 hours. Hows your lidocane patches? Do they work well? How long do they last for you?



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