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Went to the doctor today...
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Cher0208 - February 12

Hi all,

Just wanted to update you on my doctor visit. So I told her that I cut myself down to 1/4 tab of Savella and we decided to stay there. I told her my pain is obviously returning a little with the decrease in dose. We talked a lot about the things that I am eating. She told me when she first began treating people with Fibromyalgia that she was very aggressive on what she told her patients to avoid eating. No gluten, no sugars of any form, no alcohol, no dairy. She told me to eat tuna, salmon, chicken, tons and tons of leafy greens such as spinach, cook with virgin olive oil, all types of beans etc. Most of which I am already doing. I started putting pure organic tumeric powder on my food (always after cooking). Tumeric powder is great for inflammation and fibro patients. My doctor told me that cinnamon (just a pinch) can give you a lot of energy. And cayenne pepper is great too. I told her I have been eating raw garlic (I'm sure no one wants to get near me :0)Raw garlic is an anti viral food and I'm hoping will help eradicate the Epstein Barr. She also suggested getting a UV or florescent light and doing 15 minutes a day of my own light therapy. She thinks I'll feel a lot better in the summer. I was told to go back on the 500mg. of Magnesium at night. I brought in my supplements to see if they were right. She especially liked the RAW Protein powder that I got from the Vitamin Shoppe. It's made with 100% raw and organic ingredients. Its gluten free, dairy free, soy free, and contains no fillers or by products. I guess since a high protein diet is important for treating fibro then the shake is a good idea 2-3 times a day. Look it up on the vitamin shoppe website. It comes in a tan container. I explained to her that I have never had the "trigger points" that you need to have in order to be diagnosed with fibro. So maybe I don't have it? She said I am in between fibro and chronic fatigue syndrome most likely. But either way, for now I'm glad to not be going up on the Savella or on any additional meds. I'll see her next week and go from there. I just realized that there are serious triggers for me in terms of food and drink so let's see how I do without any of those things.

Does anyone out there NOT have trigger points, but have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia? I'm in a whole lot of pain so it must be Fibro. I'm always doubting my doctor's though. I spend too much time obsessing over things like this.


January - February 12

Hi Cher - been wondering how you were. You sure seem better in today's post. I was concerned you might be getting serotonin syndrome (look it up here). Some of us need lower doses of meds than "normal" people - because we're more sensitive to things.

I've done well with no gluten. No wheat (some companies have told me the govt. hasn't strictly defined "gluten" yet, so their "gluten free" claims can be questionable; call and ask them what they include and exclude!) There's gluten in corn, but corn doesn't bother me (that I know of!) and I haven't seen it listed on celiac sites as something to avoid. However, I do have to avoid wheat, and some companies have told me wheat isn't gluten! (??) Gluten intolerance is another of those mysterious things. You have to listen to your own body.

I've just been watching Brenda Watson on PBS and she is fascinating - she has a nutritional, gut-centered approach. She's on the web too. She makes a LOT of sense to me. I'm going to get her book.

So I'm glad you seem better and have a doctor who works with you! Yay! You are fortunate indeed! :)


mdak - February 12

I am new to this forum, but I have suffered from fibromyalgia for years. I am disabled and have suffered chronic pain. I have some treatments that work for me. I use to have to take strong pain meds and it caused more problems then it worth. I now take a miracle drug. It is buprenorphine. It's not addicting, Take one half pill twice a day and sometimes I can get buy with less. Very long acting pill. The only problem getttig this drug is, that they have to be licenced for this drug. Most pain managemnt places have dr's that can write for this drug. If you dont have medical insurance, it can be costly. I did find it out costco for 117.00 for 30 pill. I also suffered from serotin syndrom, very dangerous. I do suffer from chronic dpresssion, but sooo much better with pain under control. I use a sadd light also. I do iive in ak. with sunlight limited in the winter. I pray someone reads this and tries this medication. It is a miracle drug. You can also look it up under suboxen. Sjuboxe is made up one half of this drug. You can read miracle stories of pain relief without getting addicted and doesn't do anything with your mind.



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