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Well, my Cymbalta stopped working
2 Replies
mimosette - October 27

after only a few months.

It was great at first. I felt like a new person. then gradually I started sleeping all day , like 12-14 hours straight....after long sleepless nights. Even Ambien wouldn't put me to sleep at night, even if I sneaked and took 2.
And when I did force myself out of bed, the exhaustion was overwhelming. And the pain returned worse than ever. Then, my depression came back. Basically, I turned into a non-human lump of pain.

So, I have had an appt acheduled with a rheumy specializing in fibro , but he soonest I could get in is Dec this rate I'll be Rip Van Winkle by then, so I went back to my primary dr. She was very sympathetic, and is weaning me off of the Cymbalta, while gradually introducing Pristiq.

My sister (who tolerates the same drugs as I, and can't take the same as I)takes Prestiq for depression, and also works in a pharmacy, and she says there are new studies using it to treat fibro, so we'll see how that goes.

Dr. B also gave me a new drug (anti-depressant, can't remember the name, it is at the pharmacy being filled)to help with the depression and give me energy, and Lortab for the pain. The pain was so bad I could barely tolerate the blood pressure cuff.

I also got a penicillin shot (ouch!) , as I had my last wisdom tooth out a month ago, and have an abcess.

And last, but NOT least, I have 2, yes TWO elaborate Halloween costumes to make from scratch somehow before Saturday.Zombie Ringmaster & Zombie Trapeze Girl.

Just. Lovely.


Jaynie774 - October 28

Hellos Mimosette
Maybe if you called your Rheumey and talked to the nurse, he/she could either get you an earlier appt date or give you some pointers on how to handle what you are dealing with. My Dr's nurse staff is very good as to making me comfortable and communicating with the Dr during my uncontrollable circumstances. You should give them a call, the worst they could do is tell you they cant see or do anything for you until your "scheduled" Appt... At least it would be worth the try.


axxie - October 28

mimosette, I admire you, for being able to handle two customs, especially Zombie Ringmaster and Zombie Trapeze Girl. Where on earth will you find the time to do anything else! lol

You know what I don't think you are the only one who has the problem with cymbalta, for awhile I've been experiencing those same problem with cymbalta and sleep, and I'm expected to return to work soon.

I think it will be better for me to return to work, I guess, but I have an immense anxiety because I don't know, how I'm going to cope with it.

Good luck to you mommie zombie.



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