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10 Replies
shula - July 15

As I lay in my bed for the last 2 weeks due to a very bad flare (not beeing able to stand or walk), my husband is out shopping for a walker for me to use around the house so I wouldn't have to crawl on all fours to get to the bathrooom, I decided what the heck! I might as well splurge and get a few more wonderfull things that would make my life SOO much easier . I am sure most of you have seen some of these on TV.

For startes, a walker is just not cool enough! How about one of those scooters in bright pink. Can't wait to race down the street with the wind in my hair. Next, lets go all the way and get that delux model step in bath tub for those sore muscules and joints. O.K. why stop there!! I might as well get that little recorder to help me remember my name or where I left my kids . Right then, an ear amplifire, so I can hear anything at all, and ofcourse for those sleeepless nights when I can watch TV and not disturb my husband. Last but not least,DRUMM ROLL PLEASE!!! the CLAPPER! .


axxie - July 15


Hope hubby brings the pink one with the special basket, so you can race in and out of the grocery store. Try not to get a speeding ticket with that scooter of yours.



LastsGal - July 15

OMG! Shula, you are too funny!

and I've had everyone one of those thoughts. lol


Fantod - July 16

Funny but not really. I actually made a list too. You forgot the acorn stair lift so you can ride up and down stairs. The sad thing about the lists is they are not far removed from reality. I hope your flare subsides soon and you are up and about on your own two feet. I commend you for finding some humor in your situation. Take care and let us know how you are doing.


iliveinpain - July 16

Hey Shula,

you're hysterical!! Made me laugh today and I needed it!! How about one of those voice activated computers so we don't have to type when our hands are hurting, good idea? LOL


shula - July 16

Acorn stair lift sounds great, wish I had one right now so I wouldn't have to crawl on my knees( although my two dogs love to race with me and see who gets to the top faster). My mother in law suggested we build an elevator,sure I don't exactly live in the Trump Tower.


chaplin - July 16

I love the humor. We need to laugh a bit.
I did need the laugh today. Hope you feel better soon.


mimosette - July 17

My neighbor has a recommendation. He does not have the pink scooter, but he has The Ultimate in Scooter Chair Escorts . The 150 lb Rottweiler who is afraid of his own shadow and Jojo the baby goat who is afraid of nothing and bullies the Rottweiler.(and also eats everyone's mailbox flowers every day on their daily scooter journies) .

"jojo, NO ! NO Don't eat the nice lady's hibiscus !!(scoot scoot) JOJO !! I said NO!!"


L Light - July 22

I don't think I've laughed this hard in a while, especially in view of presently coming through a rough episode with FM. You are in the wrong field woman, you need to do this more often and bring all the smiles you brought to this site. Thanks so much for your heart...

Laurel (L Light)


shula - July 24

Hi L Light, axxie,LastsGal,Fantod,iliveinpain (nice name),chaplin,mimosette,thanks for all your suppport and giggles!!! We need to laugh as much as possible,even if it hurts.


JOEGIRL - July 24

Shula,Thanks for the laugh. I sure needed it To tell you the truth, this is the first smile I 've had all day,Hope you are feeling better soon.



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