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Well I was diagnosed today....
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Dixelanddelight1 - October 20

Hey Yall,

I went to the rhumatologist a lil while ago and just got home. He
stated that I do have fibromyalgia. Finally after 10 months of
hurting and being sick I finally get a diagnosis. I kept being told
that I had migranes and depression. I had to go outside the area 4
hours from here to a major hospital in the state to get this far. Dr
4 hours away did an MRI on my back because i was hurting in my back.
He stated that I have degenerative disc disease, scolosis, bulging
disc, and arthritis in my facet joints. He said that there was a very
good possibility that i have fibro and he wanted me to go to a
rhumatologist. I went today to the rhumy and he confirmed i do have
fibro. He put me on 75mg of lyrica and told me to take one tonight
and then when i wake up in the morning if i feel ok then take another
one..if not then take the next one tomorrow night. then gradually
increase to 2 a day. If that doesnt help then go to 150mg a day and
then go to 2 a day on that mg if that doesnt help. he told me i had
to exercise for at least 5 min a day and then gradually move to 10min
a day. He said i would have to exercise the rest of my life and I had
to come off of caffeine..Talk about hard to do!!! Im a

So far this year at work i have missed over 120 days. I called my
boss to tell her what was going on and what i got diagnosed with and
she said "well we need somebody thats gonna be here to work" i told
her that i have been trying to work but i just keep
constantly in pain, especially in my back and my headaches are coming
back. She asked if i had thought about total disability and i told
her no. She said maybe i need to look in that direction. Does
anybody have any suggestions on this? I feel so lost because im tired
of hurting all the time and im always wore out and just tired.

All this started after i had taken a fall in december and started
getting headaches about 3 weeks later. I was very very active before
that and after the headaches started i started getting alot worse. As
i said previously. The neuros just kept saying i had migranes and
depression so i wasnt getting any help. Anybody have any advice on
disability or anything that i have stated? If so please help.



islandguy - October 20

Hi Dixieland:
Even though I am a Canadian I have seen this website that may be of interest to you. It is . Possibly give that a look and see how it goes. I know in Canada its always an uphill battle. Possibly someone in your area can give you some direction. But you must know...disability doesn't pay well !!!
Lots of luck to you.....


Robin1237 - October 20

Dixie -- a rheumatologist told me in the mid 80s I had fibromyalgia. I went to FM support groups for years. Well, I found out last year that my fibro of 25 years is actually Lyme disease, a bacterial infection usually spread by being bitten by an infected tick. I was bitten on my foot in 1981, had the tick removed and thought nothing more of it. Three months later, the muscle pain started but I didn't know it was connected to the tick bite. It took 25 years to find out. That's why I'm here at this site, to let you know. You can go read at Yes to the symptoms of migraines/headaches, depression, back problems, arthritis. People with Lyme disease are in pain -- no doubt about it. The bacteria inflame the nerves and soft tissues. They are spiralchetal(spiral), like syphilis, but with 4x more genes. They corkscrew their way into our tissues. Many Lymies do respond to Lyrica. Exercise for bloodflow, lymph system and stretching of the tight muscles. There is some hope for people with Lyme, tho. I am going to refer you to a site where everyone's trying to help each other with Lyme treatments. They run the gamut of antibiotics, herbs, oxygen treatments, supplements, electromagnetic healing machines etc. The name of the game here is getting some info about what's going on. You can get bloodtested. Igenex in Palo Alto is the best lab. And then there are doctors who specialize in treating Lyme. They are called LLMDs, meaning Lyme-literate medical doctors. The folks at Lymenet can help find the ones in your area connected with the ILADS organization(International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society)


melvian - October 30

I just recently quit my job because i could not handle it physically anymore. Ultimately the choice is yours. Just make sure you find a disability lawyer to take your case, without a lawyer your chances are slim. good luck.


Connie - October 30

Please don't give up. I have had this condition for about 35 years. I was given two pamphlets printed by the Arthritis Foundation and felt fortunate to have accidently stumbled onto a doctor who knew that all of my symptoms were connected. Much more information is available now. As with many illnesses however you will be bombarded with all types of "cures" and "natural" remedies. And, as you have seen on this site, there are people like Robin1237 who can't get past their own agenda. So be cautious and ask a lot of questions. I had to adjust my life style, not my life. In doing so I was plesantly surprised. My life is uncluttered and focused on living instead of trying to be everything to everyone. I have much less stress and when things do get hectic I am able to adjust. Reduce stress, get enough sleep, stretch and walk as you are able and continue to work with the medical profession.Many of the health science universities have departments devoted to fibromyalgia.I have found a lot of good information through OHSU(Oregon Health Sciences University) which keeps me up to date on the latest advances. You can do some networking through various groups even if you live outside the area. Best of luck with disibility benifits and take care of your health as you work through the system. I heard a lot of "YOU CAN'Ts" before receiving disibility. Persevere!



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