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weird sleeps
8 Replies
tcmby - December 18

has anyone else had weird sleep problems? i keep feeling like i am all twitchy and tremoring when i try to sleep. a few times i woke up feeling like i was being shaken or electrocuted or something. my doctor said its just anxiety but i feel twittery when i try to sleep and sometimes when i am awake and not even nervouse. does anyone else have weird sleep problems aside form just having a hrad time getting any? this is freaking me out. doctors always say dont worry but its like theyd ont care!


BrandyO - December 18

You have heard of restless leg syndrome right??? Well I get that feeling all over my body not only when I try to sleep but also any time during the day when I sit to rest. Have you had MS eliminated as a possible diagnoses? I have heard that electrocution feeling can be part of that. I was tested for MS and so far it's just the fibromyalgia. I do suffer from anxiety tho so maybe it is just that! Good luck. Brandy


jonjon - January 2

I have had the same thing happen to me.


Patrice - January 3

Hi tcmby ... Just like with BrandyO, I have restless leg syndrome. Even though I am on meds for RLS (which also affects my arms, neck, shoulders and back), sometimes the only relief I can get for my arms is to wrap them (not too tight) with an ace bandage. I don't know why, but it works for me. Good Luck.


JJ1 - January 3

I have restless leg syndrome as well. Your symtoms sound similar to what happens to me. I don't take meds for it because it only happens occasionally.


Iori - January 15

I do get this too sometimes. Its not in my legs either. i have heard that sometimes your mind can wake up before your body is ready & this causes a temporary paralysis... i have also woken up feeling like i was shaking or buzzing from the inside out. my husband thinks i'm nuts, it can feel scary and kinda neurological but my doctor also said this is a common "fibro thing" and not to worry about it. Easy for him to say! hope you feel better.


JJ1 - January 15

I have much difficulty falling asleep. Once I get to sleep, I think the elavil kicks in and I go into an extremely deep sleep -- when someone wakes me up I literally jump like I am startled and it scares my kids to death. Sometimes when I try to fall asleep, I think it is restless leg. I get this feeling that I need to continually stretch and move my legs and feet. Other times I don't have this feeling, but no matter how tired I am, it can take me well over an hour to fall asleep. I am not going to bed too early or anything, usually it is pretty late and I should be exhausted. I really don't want to try sleeping pills. It helps to take a relaxing bath right before bedtime, but that is a luxury I don't always have time for. I always read before going to bed and I used to fall asleep with the book in my hand, but now I have to make myself put the book away to get to sleep.


tcmby - January 18

thanx for the replies you guys. this has nothing to do with my legs though, the weird buzzy feeling is everywhere when i get it. sometimes i get it when i am awake during the day too so i can really relate to what Brandy said.


busheysurfer - February 7

Hi tcmby I get something like this though i explain it as like falling wen you are asleep and it wakes you up but left with a weird feelig i get this feeling whilst i just sit watching tv as this frightens me i go to bed but only to no sleep anyway but i think this gets worse when more tired hope this helps



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