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Weird head feeling
8 Replies
InHisSteps - December 13

How does one describe the indescrible? I'm having a tough time with this. All I can say is my head feels funny, not quite right. It feels different, out of sync, heavy almost, I don't know. This is really frustrating not being able to describe it accurately. Anyone else running into this with their fibro, feelings they can't quite describe?


Gabbie - December 13

Hello InHisSteps. What you are describing sounds like "fibro fog" that seems to come out of nowhere, at least that is how it hits me. It is weird, and I can feel it coming on. I feel like I'm moving in slow motion, both physically and mentally, as my concentration goes right out the window and sometimes I get a little unsteady on my feet. It reminds me of what I think an "outerbody experience" might me like. Definately "out of sync" as you said. When that fog rolls in, I try to really concentrate on what I'm doing, slow my activity down and not let it upset me. It seems to pass with a little less stress for me. Also, on your other post about lidocaine. I use the cream and find that it does help. I'm thinking that because it's actually rubbed into the skin, it may work a little better than the patch.


JJ1 - December 14

When I saw this title I thought you were going to describe what I have been feeling sometimes lately -- a weird head feeling. But mine is a different feeling. Mine is more light and dizzy feeling. And I get a headache but it is not like normal headaches and I can't describe it but it is kind of behind my eyes. My daughter gets migraines and she thought that may be what I have because I can feel naseous with it, but I don't have the sensitivity to lights and even though it doesn't feel good, it doesn't get real intense like I think migraines do. There are so many weird seemingly unrelated symptoms with this illness, it is hard to know if it is fibromyalgia or something else.


InHisSteps - December 16

I'm going to look into the cream, I had never heard of it. Odd the doctor didn't suggest that instead of patches since he knows, or should know since I told him, that pain migrates rapidly.


Gabbie - December 16

InHisSteps. My rheum originally was going to prescribe the patches until I heard how expensive they are. That's when he told me I could get it in a cream, which is so much cheaper. I rub a small amount into some of the pressure points, mostly at the knees and I have sometimes used it near the elbows. Then I cover the area with a large bandaid to keep it in place. I would think it would work better because it's rubbed into the skin and not just sitting there like with the patch. Ask you doctor about it.


bluetrish - December 18

It feels like like my head is not really attached to the rest of my body, kind of like being drunk... equilibrium is off, can't find the right words... I talked to some other fibro people and they think it might be the meds. I'm going back to the doctor again


LBB - December 19

My head sensations are what brought me to a neurologist ten years ago. Mine reminded me of a fluttering sensation followed by dizziness. Occasionally I will also experience tingling and numbness in my head and face. I had a full neuro exam as well as a brain scan, but all looked good. I have not had an episode since March of this year. My Neuro did suggest B-12 injections one time a month. This has seemed to make a significant difference. Now I take one tablet orally each day. Best of luck to you.


diane5254 - December 22

I get a sort of rushing sound ,not in my ears ,but just all around my head. Anyone else?


Russell - June 22

Hi, I think Gabbie is describing something really similar to a sensation I experience sometimes. Its comes on slowly, normally when I am tired but have things on my mind. I can describe it like a movie which normally runs at 25 frames per second but then moves to 5 frames per second. So things seem slow and fast at the same time. My movements turn to slow motion, not in reality (i think) but this is the sensation. There is also a perception that everything feels jagged and rough. It normally lasts for about 20 minutes or so then fades back to normality. Does anyone know what this could be?



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