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weird "shaking" sensations scaring me.... help please!
8 Replies
kether - August 15

I've had many strange fibro symptoms but this is REALLY freaking me out. I feel like I'm buzzing, pulsing or vibrating. it feels kind of like if you put your hand on top of a dryer or dishwasher when it is running. except it's coming from INSIDE of me. if I lay my hand on my tummy or leg I can actually feel myself moving. it's not my heartbeat. it feels really weird, scary & neurological.

It's been about a week now. this happened once before a few years ago & my doctor of course said "don't worry about it!" great help... it eventually went away. has anyone else felt anything weird like this before?

I'm having a really hard time relaxing & sleeping feeling like I'm vibrating & can't feel "still" & calm.

If ANYONE has had this please let me know I'm really having a hard time. thanks :)


Lynne - August 4

Make sure you call the doctor, could you be having muscle spasams, I get them and it makes that part of my body shake inside, feels really strange, other times it feels like something is under my skin crawling.


stephanie - August 4

Yes !!.. if you go back in the posts.. you will see that I also had problems with an internal shaking.. very scary and strange.. it happens for like a week then mysteriously goes away.. its strange.. but i do get that !!


Tod - August 4

You should really get that checked out by a neurologist.ASAP.Good Luck.


Julie - August 8

Yes, I too have vibations that I can feel. I feel them dowm my legs and sometimes in my abdomen. I now have muscle twitching as well.


Ed P - August 12

Hi Kether
I get the “vibrating” all the time, as well as lots of “regular” muscle twitching. As all the “killer” diseases have been ruled out in my case – I have learned to just wait out the twitches and vibrating. BTW – all the tests the Neurologists have done could not explain why my body does this. It seems to be just one more symptom on a long list…


Brandy - August 12

I get this feeling too. Feels like my cell phone when it is on vibrate mode. Believe it or not, I get the this feeling on the left side of my right breast next to the nipple. The buzzing or vibrating is in an area about the size of a half dollar. Comes and goes but never last longer than 5-10 seconds at a time. I figured it was just a nerve ending or something. Took me off guard the first time it happened but I don't worry about it any more. It is a weird sensation tho!


AKFLyfisher - August 13

yes... all the time, mine is worse when I get less sleep. I would call it more of a tremor, my hand shakes almost like parkinsons.... also sitting at rest my head will bob back and forth very suttle like your heart beat. Neuro doctors cant find anything... I wont see a doctor ever again unless Im bleeding to death or have a sinus infection and need some antibiotics. This illness makes you feel so bad, cancer would even be unnoticed. The tremor will come and go.... I have had it for a couple years now so I wouldnt worry about it.


Virg - August 15

Its definitly scarry. I have panic attacks but
this is different. I get these symtoms as I
try to go to sleep. The closest thing to this
feeling is like I am having tremors so I have
been taking Propranolol 40mg . Plus I take
Trazadone 50MG before I go to bed. It's
supposed to help me sleep through the night
but I still get up. However, it makes it easier
to fall back to sleep again. Drugs do help
but its all a life change cycle.



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