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weird...and kinda embarrassing!
3 Replies
kaime - February 26

I have had fm for many yrs fairly new to the site. I check in every morning to see how everyone is doing! My symptoms come and go but lately I have been under so much stress...good and son married in Nov...:) Christmas, my mother had surgery...mother-in-law passed away. Since Thanksgiving I have had the weirdest thing...I'm almost too embarrassed to type it...when I have the urge to have a bowel movement, I don't hurt in my LEG hurts!!!!!!!! LOL! It's my right thigh. It doesn't do it all the time. I didn't realize it at first that it was at THAT time that it hurt. It is a deep, down to the bone hurting. Sometimes it burns...kinda like the pains I feel in other areas of my body and times. Please let me know if any of you have experienced this! I know quite well that fm causes some pretty weird things, but this is rediculous!


lmb2 - February 26

wow, that sounds like something that I experience too and I really think that it is sciatic nerve pain, like something is pushing on my sciatic nerve at those times for some reason. I think this because it is exactly the way it felt when I had sciatic nerve pain when i was pregnant, it can hurt down into the thigh. But I also have this pain in my right side a lot of the time, not only before a bm (like menstrual cramps) and I'm wondering if these things are related and if there is something going on that is not related to the fibro, but maybe the fibro is just making the pain worse than it would be. I have been trying to figure out these 2 mystery pains for about a year now, and thought i might have had it figured out when they found ovarian cysts, but they went away and now my doc is just blowing it all off again and it's making me angry. Anyway, what i'm saying is that you are not alone with your mystery pain and I think you should ask your doctor what could be causing it. I hope it gets better for you :)


Fantod - February 27

I agree with Imb2. Sounds like sciatic nerve pain to me. I think you should consult with your doctor about this issue. Take care.


kaime - February 27

Thank you lmb2 and Fantod for responding. It is so strange that you mention the sciatic came across my mind as nerve pain! I also hurt in my groin area and in my back alot of times...I too, have been checked for cysts...I do have a vericose vein that runs over my uterus that has been giving me problems for about 7 yrs. I actually thought it might be something with that...anyway, I hope all is well with you guys! It is a great comfort to know that I am not alone! :)))



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