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Weight loss freaking out anyone?
4 Replies
solanadelfina - July 21

It could be the cutting out the sugar and starches in my diet and adding in more exercise, but I've been losing quite a bit of weight lately. My godfather was worried enough to ask me if I'm all right, then later spoke to my mom privately.

I've had three doctors tell me that I don't have hypoglycemia, but still get exhausted and nauseous when eating something with too much sugar or gluten or not eating for a few hours. I eat when I'm hungry, several times a day, and chow down on plenty of fruit and crackers and nuts and things like that between meals.

Lately I've been waking up with my blood sugar too low and feeling like my body is very heavy, I've been having more dizzy spells, and have a weird thing where the first thing I eat will almost always make me sick to my stomach unless I sleep in or eat a very tiny something salty.

Does this sound familiar at all? My thanks.


chaplin - July 21

Have you had your thyroid checked? This sounds similar to how I felt when I had high thyroid levels. Very anxious, heart pulpitations, jittery - kind off like when you have too much caffine, insomnia, nasua many other symptoms... You can look it up and see if it sounds like you. I did a blood test and a thyroid scan - pretty standard tests. I have been treated and now have a low thyroid - sadly now I am heavy for the first time in my life. Hope you find out what it is I remember people saying how did you get so skinny - I ate much more than I do now.
Good luck


mimosette - July 22

Yes, especially the first thing in the morning queasiness that doesn't bother you if you sleep in.

When I worked I had hypoglycemia, and that was exactly how I felt. Mine would dip abruptly during the day, too, and make me sick.

After the tests comfirmed it, I was able to control it with careful eating. The dr never recommended bananas to me, but I found eating a banana would help me,I think I found this out because a banana was a fresh fruit that I could eat really really quickly in between patients and not have to brush my teeth! or just a teaspoon of peanut butter would give me a boost.

It was always hard to choke down food (which was what I needed) when I was already nauseous, I remember that feeling well.

Nowadays, when It bothers me , my husband who gets up way before I do will wake me up and make me sip some juice. I usually don't even remember it, but it does keep me from that barfy feeling.


solanadelfina - July 22

Thanks, you guys. I did have my thyroid levels checked after my diagnosis, and they were fine. I'll keep an eye on it, though, especially since Grave's disease runs in the family.

Mimosette, what kind of tests did you have done to confirm it? I went to an endocrinologist and had all kinds of tests done, all of which were fine. Even my regular doctor, who's experienced with fibro and always listens, kind of waved it away and told me to eat some fat after sugar. (It's not enough.)

In the meantime, I'm just trying to follow the rules and invent yummy dishes within those rules and have felt a lot better since. Maybe it's just spiking lately due to work stress or something. I'll keep the juice trick in mind, and have also been bringing peppermint tea to work to calm down my tummy. (Yay, that means I can have cider at the Renaissance Faire!:) )


JOEGIRL - July 22

Solanadelfina, Sounds like you could be dibetic? Have you been checked for that. ?
Also you worried about losing weight and I am worried about gaining. since I am on Lyrica.
What ever going on with you I hope you get some answers soon and get to feeling better.



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