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Weight Gain with Lyrica
6 Replies
Debbie Chappell - December 20

I just started Lyrica 2 days ago. I read your discussions and the one side effect that bothers me is the large weight gain. I do not want to be in pain but I also don't want to add 20 -30 lbs to my body that is already confused. Can you give me advice and/or suggestions as to fight this weight gain? Does a healthy diet help or does it just happen? Need help!


VSTEPH - December 21

I don't know this to be fact but I 'heard' that the weight gain from Lyrica is because it makes you hungry and you just eat more. I started Lyrica 2 weeks ago and I am not any hungrier than before taking it.


JJ1 - December 21

Elavil is supposed to cause weight gain, too, but i didn't gain weight with it. I eat healthily and try to exercise. If you try Lyrica, try to maintain a healthy lifestyle and see if that prevents weight gain. If I gained 20 to 30 lbs I would probably stop taking it and try something else.


JoniB - December 28

I was on Lyrica & Paxil at the same time and gained 30 pounds! I had uncontrollable hunger and would eat all the time. The Dr. put me on differents meds & the weight came off. I didn't realize how much the Lyrica was helping me until I went off it but I do not need the additional weight. I hope that you have better luck with it.


n-need2 - December 28

I am on Lyrica...I wrote a question about it below but no one have lost weight, I am absolutely wired on it...I do not know what is going on....has anyone else had this?????


razorpig - January 7

I'm in pretty good shape, and once I started taking Lyrica, I gained about 8 pounds. It seems that nothing is taking it off, but I'm still on 400mg of Lyrica daily.


kbyrum - January 14

I started Lyrica in September. I had noticed that I'm hungry all the time, but I didn't realize it until the doctor mentioned it to me. I gained my weight before going on Lyrica. I haven't gained any with it, but I can't lose any. Any suggestions? Thanks! K



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