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BrittRae - August 2

I have been suffering for over a year now. I was just diagnosed w/ FMS about 2 mos. ago. It seems as though my flare-ups are coming more frequently. Along w/ all of the other symptoms, I continue to gain weight for no apparent reason. I have 3 children and my youngest is 15 months. I am as active as my FMS will allow and I really don't eat very much. I have always eaten healthily. I haven't changed anything and I continue to gain. IS ANYONE ELSE HAVING THIS PROBLEM? I am only 31 and don't understand why this is happening to me.


ncweisy - August 2

I am also a 31yr old female, I’ve been diagnosed for about 4yrs now. I was extremely active and weighed around 145 in the beginning. I lifted weights 4-5 times a week so I carried a lot of muscle. I still exercise quite regularly, as much as the condition will allow. I have to be very careful, too much exercise and I swell and can’t walk for days, not active enough, and I’m stiff and hurt all over. I have gained a lot of weight; I am now currently around 178 but have reached as high as 185. I eat healthy and try to be as active as I can. My doctors aren’t sure what causes the weight gain, if it’s the meds I’ve taken, or that I was so active for many years and now I can only do light workouts. The problem with FMS is there are so many things the doctors can’t tell you. Everyone is different. I can tell you that one of my biggest problems with FMS is my weight gain, being tired all the time, and always being sore, and I don’t even have children but I do have a stressful job which doesn’t help. I hope you don’t have as much problem with your weight gain as I have. I know a lot of meds cause weight gain so if you have started taking any medicine I would talk to your doctor


BrittRae - August 2

Thank you ncweisy for your reply. I am having a terrible time w/ added pounds. I have gained about 35# in one year. I would also like to ask you what meds work for you. I am on celebrex, effexor, and trazadone (for sleep). The celebrex is not working for the pain/discomfort/soreness/stiffness. I am going to the doctor on the 10th and am thinking of talking to him about Lyrica. Just curious to know what works for you.


JJ1 - August 3

Before I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I also had a rapid inexplicable weight gain. About 20 lbs I would guess. Most of it came on within a months time and it was also the same time my symptoms were going crazy, right after my mother's death. Once I was diagnosed and started treatment (I take Elavil) the weight gain stopped. Some people experience weight gain with Elavil, but that didn't happen to me, I just seem unable to lose much weight, so I remain about 15 - 20 lbs heavier than I would like.


ncweisy - August 3

Celebrex did not work for me either. I have been on many meds the past 4yrs with little help, too many to name. I've tried Cymbalta, Ativan, Amitriptyline (gained my most weight on this med) Elavil and others. I'm currently taking Topamax to help with migraines and it helps with some other body aches. I still take a low dose of Amitriptyline 10mg at night and I take a med for Anxiety/IBS disorder but it is also a muscle relaxer. This past year I have tried a more natural approach to my pain. I am going to a massage therapist twice a month and I try not to push myself too hard. I have pain medication I can take when I need them, but I mostly stick too 600 Ibuprofen and on bad days I take Darvacet. Medications have never worked that well on me so I’m a hard case for my doctors. I’m not sure what to do about the weight gain. This year I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been so I’m just concentrating on eating healthy, doing what I can, which sometimes can just be walking around the block and hope that the weight will come back off. Unfortunately FMS can come with a bad case of depression and I would be lying if said going from a size 10 to a 14 hasn’t put me in the dumps but I found that the weight gain come in spurts when the flair ups are bad. I’m in a lot of pain right now so the weight gain is bad. Hopefully in a few months the pain will go down and I will be able to be more active and work some of it off. I hope your doctor can find a med regimen that will work for you.


JJ1 - August 3

ncweisy, so sorry nothing is working for you. Hope your natural approach works better. It is so hard for me to determine what is caused by fibromyalgia and what by something else. I am 48 yrs. old and was first diagnosed with FMS about 7 yrs ago. So being in my 40s, it is normal to expect weight gain. Since I was 20 yrs. old, I have averaged about a lb per year increase, so to get 20 lb in a months time was a little much. I am also pre-menupausal, so it is hard to decide what other issues could be hormonal. I get chronic anemia and when my iron is very low it can feel like a bad extended FMS flare up. Just too many things going on at once.


areandare - August 4

I have had times when I gain weight and it was due to my thyroid not functioning well. Good luck......


BrittRae - August 4

ncweisy, I am so thankful for your comments. I too have a terrible time w/ IBS. I was first diagnosed w/ it in high school and ended up w/ an extended stay in the hospital due to ulcerative colitis. I am a nurse and understand most illnesses/diseases but I am pretty behind w/ FMS. I am in terrible pain right now and can't see my doctor until the 10th. Does anything OTC/natural help w/ the pain/soreness/spasms? I need some sort of relief. My flare-ups come in twos or threes w/ a good day in between. I have a little guy and 2 other children who keep me very busy. Plus, my hubby works 2 hours away from home and stays in hotels at least 2 days a week. Your advice is so helpful. I really would appreciate anything you could share. Thanks.


BreeZ - August 5

I too started gaining weight.. never had a weight problem in my life except for being too thin, I was also tired and sleepy most of the day.. The doc found out it was due to an underactive Thyroid.. Now i'm on Synthroid daily and no problems with weight gain any longer. You should have them check your thyroid.. especially the THS count. .. Hope this helps


Fantod - August 5

BritteRae - Try taking a calcuim supplement with boron and magnesium. That should help relax your muscles.


pdljmpr - August 15

they say stress will make you gain weight....and when I was diagnosed I became more stressed and gained more.


skidoo - September 14

change in weight - gain or loss - is common with fibromyalgiaa ,


Robin1237 - September 20

My fibro has turned out to be Lyme disease, a bacterial infection. Weight gain is reported by a lot of lyme folks. Go read at


melvian - September 24

I've gained 60 pounds in the last year. I eat fruits, veggies and meats. I rarely eat anything that is junk food related. It frustrates me to know end, but what do you do? you know.


melvian - September 24

In regards to your question regarding IBS and Fibro. Anyone with IBS should eat bland for a week, at least that is what my doctors say. They gave me a pill to help calm the spasms. Also is you have alot of pain from fibro, my chiropractor told me about SOMBRA gel(not sure who makes it). A natural pain relieving gel. I put it on my back and within the half hour I feel alot better. They also recommended that I try a sock filled with rice. Warm it up for 2 mins and I put it on my neck and shoulders.



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