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Weather changes
17 Replies
Gabbie - September 17

Here we go, the beginning of another Season change and the fibro is kicking in more again. Feet, knees, elbows, hands, fingers are all crying out with aching, burning, stabbing sensations, pretty much everything. Anyone else?


txsunsets - September 18

I had a major flare up last week. It rain for two days and now the weather is gettng cooler. I ended up missing 3 days of work. I am so not looking forward to colder weather. I am right there with you Gabbie.


Fantod - September 18

Absolutely - shoot me now. Mine started over the weekend with the tail end of Ike passing through my area. OMG - I thought I was going to die. Just when I thought it could not get any worse, it did. Thankfully, today was a better day. Take care Gabbie.


VictoriaB - September 18

Always Gabbie!! I know when it's going to rain 12-24 hours before it does. I think thats the only time my family actually hears anything. Ike moved through last weelend!! I have always loved the seasons but now dream about Arizona, my sister with Fibro said the best place for her ever was Phoenix!!! Fibro Hugs!


ibritz - September 18

Season changes are the pitts. We, too, had IKE come through. I know it affected lots of areas on it's way through. Are any of you near Toledo, OH?


marcos5879 - September 18

Ibritz, I just moved from Columbus for this reason. NC baby! I have a couple extra weeks per year before I have to suffer the season change. AHHHH I will miss the days of excruciating pain trying to hold back the yelling while trying to reopen my fingers after holding the shovel to remove the snow Oh yeah, I will miss it. Nothing says romance like the smell of Icy Hot in the air, a bottle of motrin, a heeting pad, and a gas fire place cause it hurts to much to do a real one, wishing St. Nic was real so I didn't have to do a lick of that to do list. YEAH BABY! Too bad winter is darn pretty. I could actually hate it then.


Fantod - September 18

Ibritz - Metro Detroit


kras618 - September 21

yes i have notice my stiffness in my back is staying till i pop an aleve


JJ1 - September 21

In Florida, I don't have too many seasonal issues, but the year we were hit with 4 hurricanes (2004) I had one of my worst flare-ups ever. I am sure it was due to the stress of those events. We sometimes travel in the winter to ski in Colorado and I don't have any weather related issues there, but I am on vacation so not having to deal with the constant snow and ice like someone living there.


barbiepink - September 22

Yes, we all have that. It is important to weatherize your body. Get the things you will need now for winter. Heating blankets, big socks, hot bads, creams ext... people don't realize we need to weatherize our bodies like other people do their houses in snowy areas when they go away on vacation.


txsunsets - September 22

Gabbie, oh yes the weather is kicking my butt right now. it isn't even cold yet just cooler in the morning and nights. I can't imagine how it will be this winter. I was just diagnosed back in jan


recross - September 22

the weather has cooled down and the rain has come and let me tell you it hurts
I oughta go into weather forecasting,the burning is the worst,seems like it just wont go away and I cant sit in any one position or my joints start really hurting,omg I sound like a broken record,sorry to complain its just one of those days


schmind - September 23

ah yes...I know exactly what you mean about being able to forecast rain 24 or more hours in advance. A few days ago it the sky was bright blue and the sunshine bright and I was in major pain. I told a friend that I thought we'd have rain soon and was laughed at. Sure enough, after two days of horrible pain it rained. It's not fun being held hostage to the weather sometimes.


Gabbie - September 23

I'm here on the east coast where we get our share of hot, humid days in the summer where every part of me hurts. The winter can be a real killer sometimes also. I can also predict rain coming because a couple of days before, my knees and elbows feel like they are breaking apart. That's kinda the way I've felt the last week or so as the temps are changing. I'm going away for a little vacation for a few days where the temps are even cooler now and I'm not sure if I'm going to be even worse. I don't get it completely because for me, every season change the symptoms really get horrendous, even the lightheadedness, nausea, headaches are in full blast. So I can't say I have a problem with just heat or cold. I've read that some feel better in the heat, but not me. Eventually each season, the symptoms lessen to the daily pain that I've learned to live with, but I really don't understand the flares because of the temperature change. Does anyone have any idea?


Fantod - September 24

There is a pretty good explanation about weather and FMS on this site under "associated conditions."


Gabbie - September 28

Fantod I looked up the season changes and I do remember reading some of it, the rest I guess I know, fibro fog. What I didn't see the first time was that circadian rhythm and maybe that's why all the seasons, not always just the weather, are such a killer for me. I'm thinking that part of my problem is the internal clock thing, because I'm also starting with the awful fatigue at the end of the day and I haven't had that since the spring. Thanks for the reading info.


cindybelle - September 29

Hey Gabbie...

I started to itch my left arm tonight just before the ten o'clock news...I told hubby it was going to rain. Ten minutes later he told me they forecasted the rain and it should hit within the half hour...I am always right on! According to the left arm itch...of course! It is insatiable, and will not stop until I scratch it raw and bleeding...



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