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Weather change
8 Replies
fancithatt - November 2

Hello everyone,
I'm sure this has been brought up before but I didn't see it so sorry in advance if this is a repeat. The weather where I live is turning cold and I am starting to feel really yucky. Aching all over and my trigger points are killing me! Does this happen to a lot of you??
Thanks for answering,


axxie - November 2

Hey fancithatt, oh yes I know exactly what you mean. All spring and summer I suffered because the barometer kept me dancing with the drangons. (that's what I call the flares) lol.

I've been doing extremely well for the past few days, and I don't know what I'm doing right, so I can keep up, must be the weather...

I hope you get through your flare and trigger points. I'm just enjoying the days, where I feel almost human again.


Noca - November 2

The cold weather makes my muscles tighten up causing me pain all over.


sulydi - November 2

fancithatt, I also am suffering, and it is due to the weather, or perhaps the change in the weather. It is not only cold, but windy here, and the wind can really bother me.


solanadelfina - November 2

Yes, the cold has been bringing back the spasms and turned my hamstrings into ropes for a few days. I've been doing extra stretches and roasting like a chicken in hot water to combat it, as well as an extra tramadol.


Comedygirl - November 2

It seems for me living in Kansas the heat in the summer is what made everything worse. It seems the cold numbs my body when I am out in it, then when I get home and warm up, thats when its really bad. I feel like I do these massive workouts with 150 lbs of weights on my body everyday. When in actuality all I did was walk from the apartment to the mail box. Its crazy how it feels like my muscles are so tight every time I do a little something.


fancithatt - November 2

thank you to all who commented. I hate that you are hurting too but its nice to know that I'm not crazy and that each of you understands my frustration and pain. This late morning when I woke up my husband had the heater on to keep me warm (like an egg to hatch) and I do feel a little better. I stayed medicated up yesterday and will take more today so I hope the dragon (I like you term axxie)will go back into hiding. I think I might need to live someplace with no wind or cold but not too hot LOL. Let me know if you find this wonderful place.


belle1329 - November 2

Oh Yes!!!!


chela - November 2


I feel your pain! Before I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, I did not know how weather could affect my body, but believe me it is tough. What I try to do is keep myself warm. At the office, I have a little heater under my desk and at wintertime I have those heavy socks that hunters use to keep me warm. If my feet are cold, I am really uncomfortable which just makes it worse.




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