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2 Replies
Paperhat - September 9

Hello, I was diagnosed with chronic widespread pain about a year ago. A few months ago I started to feel very tired and didn't have the motivation to do anything and so had to force myself. This has continued and now I feel very weak and picking things up that I used to have no problem with now seem to weigh a ton. Is this part of the CWP?


Jocelyn - September 14

Not sure if it is due to CWP, it can be due to Chronic Fatigue. When one is exhaused and in pain, things feel like they weigh alot. There are many things that can cause weakness. I do have a lot of weakness myself at times. Sometimes, I pick up something and it feels like nothing and then another time it feels like it weighs a ton. It changes from day to day.


January - September 16

Hi paperhat - I second Jocelyn. It sounds like you might have a touch of Chronic Fatigue along with your pain, especially since you mention you feel very tired, weak and unmotivated. The pain and fatigue so often go together, chronic pain makes your muscles stay tense - that uses up energy!

Try to find a doctor who works with chronic fatigue, and get a good general workup. Check your thyroid and adrenal glands, and if you don't sleep well, ask for a sleep study. Sometimes the problem is the mitochondria are exhausted and can't produce enough energy any more. There are supplements that help. If you have had a serious virus, there is such a thing as post-viral fatigue. Some viruses stay in the body and cause problems long term. Epstein Barr (mono) is one that seems problematic for some people. The first thing is to get a good diagnostic workup to see why you're so exhausted, hopefully you'll find a doctor you can work with to feel better.

There are many different supplements you can take to help. Good diet and vitamin/mineral supplements help too. Try acupuncture - it really helps some people. The Vitamin Shoppe and Life Extension both have good websites where you can google for information on supplements. Plug in all the symptoms you have, and take notes -- you may find, as I did, that certain supplements keep appearing. Those were the ones I decided to try. I kept a careful journal of what I was taking, only trying one thing at a time in small doses to see if it helped. Of course, work with your doctor closely because everything has risks and depending on your other health problems, there may be things you should avoid. Good luck with it.

I know you're tired, but the person who will do the most for your health is YOU (doctors don't have the time for each individual like they used to) - so it's good to research the net, print out things that apply to you - and take them in to discuss with your doctor. Feel better soon!



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