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HAPPy - August 9

My symtoms started due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, I had Nightmares, Migraines, Dizzy Spells, Concentration and Short Term Memory Loss, Muscle Weakness, Hands, Calves and Feet Numbness, Total Body Pain, Restless Leg Syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I seem to be having a really big problem with Muscle Weakness. At times I'm ok and then 5 minuets later I feel like my legs will collaps. My muscles become so very Fatigued. I was just diagnosed 2 weeks ago and while standing in the pharmacy to get my new meds it felt like I needed a walker with a seat on it. I told this to my Dr. and he just laughed and said "oh. C'mon" then said I'd have to ask my Primary Care Dr for 1. Does anyone else feel like they will just totally colapse?


linda brown - October 4

yes, i get very weak also. sometimes i feel like i will just drop out on the floor. i used to love to go shopping for clothes, but my arms get so tire and painful when i have to hold someting up and look at it until i just leave. i hope you can find a doc who will listen.


islandguy - October 8

It's likely Lyme Disease......(Just Kidding)

I am sure that each and everyone of us has experienced muscle weakness from time to time along with chronic fatigue.
I can relate to this as I have a brand new grandson and I am afraid to hold him standing up as I have a fear of dropping him. I must sit with him on my knees to be comfortable to hold him. I was doing a bit of painting around the house today and had to quit because the brush just got too heavy.. !!
I feel for you because of your doctor and his comments....uncalled for and uneducated about fibro. Speak to your primary doctor about the fatigue and you will likely find it to be "the nature of the beast." Not good news but you will have to learn how to manage around the incidents. Good luck to you. Take care


sunglo - October 8

happy..i wish i could have put all that on paper to begin with....i would jud walk to my car and feel as i wouldnt make it....i have to walk at nite because of my legs...irr bowl syn..yes...and it took severl year before i was sent to another hospiat and the a yr before the dr said it was fibro..i remember the day my dr said "it makes me so mad i cant help u because im suppose to heal..then was sent to pain seems unfortunatelyu not all drs believe in fibro and it hurts when u feel like theres a grin and sent somewhere else..we knnow there is pain but they cant see my sister is going thru is very real..fatiiuge,weakness pays a very strong are diffently not alone..u never know when each sym is going to occur....have u went to another dr?



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