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water weight
9 Replies
chaplin - August 7

I was on high doses of steroids for over 4 months and have a tone of left over water weight. I have done everything in my power to get it off - diet, as much exercise as I can manage. And slowly, very, very slowly I see it coming off. I can't fit into any of my shoes or clothes. My feet swell up when I walk - which I am doing a ton of to try to keep my FM under control. I know some of you have mentioned water pills and I want to talk to my dr. about it. I see him next week does anyone have any suggestions? I have always been a very healthy eater and have been though my diet with the dr.s and they say I am doing that right. But the swelling really hinders me and hurts my feet like crazy. My blood pressure is fine and I know this is because of the steroids and probably all the meds I was taking but I would like a kick start.
Any suggestions would be great.
Thanks Chaplin


mimosette - August 8

Here's what I do and it's all natural:
drink tons of green tea, decaf, I drink it iced, it's a natural diuretic. Makes me pee like crazy. Also Dandelion pills from our health store, also a natural diuretic.


chaplin - August 9

I will pick up the dandelion today. I drink tons of green tea but not decaf I will get that too.
Thanks for the advice. I am sick of this weight and am going to do what I can - but I also know it may not come off.


chaplin - October 12

thanks for the advice it has helped a lot
I also really love decaf green tea


katrinalove_1 - October 16

I have foot swelling and I have to realy watch my sodium intake. I take lasex to help get rid of the fluid retention every day. It is a big problem with me because I have kidney disease also. God Bless you.


axxie - October 17

Hey Chaplin, white or green tea, the best is chia tea. A little tip from an avid tea drinker, do not pour boiling hot water in your tea leaves, or tea pouch. Pour water in tea kettle, let it stand 5 minutes, then add your tea. Let it sit for however long you want, the longer, the stronger your tea, and it's affect on you. Do not drink any of these tea past 8p.m. or you will be going all night long.

But chia will do the trick, as I can use just chia and it takes care of my excess water. You can drink green or white tea, all through the day.

BTW: Lozide is part of the family of medications called diuretics ("water pills"). It is used alone or in combination with other medications for the treatment of high blood pressure. This medication works by making the body lose excess water and salt.
A reminder that any dieritic can give you secondary symptoms, such as your electrolytes such as potassium and magnesium can become severe. (You would have to be drinking chia all day long and not replacing your fluids), for it to happen.
Abnormally low blood potassium levels may occur at all doses, with resulting weakness, cramps, and abnormal heart rhythms. The warning signs of electrolyte imbalance are:

drowsiness; dryness of the mouth; frequent urination; low blood pressure; muscle fatigue; muscle pains or cramps; racing heartbeat; restlessness; stomach problems (e.g., nausea, vomiting); thirst; tiredness, and weakness.

Rarely happens to tea drinkers.


chaplin - October 20

thanks for the reply
you are amazing - how do you know so much
I just made myself a chai tea before checking the site - I love it and drink it daily. I am also a tea lover, my friends love looking in my pantry since they say it is full of choices. I have found since I've been sick I enjoy my tea even more. I find the feeling of a warm cup in my hands so soothing and therputic for the daily pain in my hands. So now that I know it helps with the weight as well - it tastes even better.


axxie - October 21

hey chaplin, even since I know, if you were sick mom gave me weak tea, then I started drinking tea always, it just goes with everything. I have a gambit of teas, if there's not one kind of tea in my house then there's not an assortment of 50 teas. We drink teas all the time, then back when I went to Asia, I got to taste different teas, and next thing you know, you have a pantry full of teas. Everyone at home drink teas, we don't drink that much coffee, but there are days, I much prefer a tall lactaid latte.

Teas are better for you, if you drink enough of it, like I do, you loose much of your water weight. Watch it, as soon as you stop, the water weight returns.


shaq - October 23

Hi, i feel so much better knowing that it's not only me who is going though this sure is so frustrating when you can't fit into any thing you own even when you have differnt sizes, some days , all you own is not good any more. Well i don't know much about meds for this but, about the last 3 weeks or so, my boss at work told me she started to drink about 8-12 glasses of water a day and has lost 11 pound just by doing that alone.i gave it a try and lost 4 pounds in a week and a the start is seems like lots of water, after the first week you start to crave it. it's an inexpensive way and hey if it works that's even better. just a suggestion.


solanadelfina - October 24

Say, axxie, how was the tea in Asia compared to the tea here? Also, where did you go to try them? I'm also a rabid tea drinker with a well-stocked pantry, :). I love flavored green and white, but the earthy red rooibos is probably my favorite.

Chaplin, I agree with you that tea is therapeutic even before drinking in. :) I love the little ritual of making it, hearing the water boiling and smelling it while it's brewing. I wonder if anyone in this country does Japanese tea ceremonies.



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