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Was there a trigger?
12 Replies
Suffering - October 8

I fell last July and herniated a disk in my neck and tore the cartridge in my left shoulder. After months of chiropractor care and surgery for my shoulder my condition improved somewhat but other several symptoms manifested severely my chiropractor could not explain this to me. I contacted a physiatrist and was diagnosed with FMS. Has anyone else developed this condition due to an injury?


Jean - October 2

It has been said that you can get fibro after and injury or a virus or a bacterial infection.


CJ - October 2

I'm pretty sure my mom developed her FM after a bad neck injury. I think my trigger was a run in with parvovirus (there was an outbreak of Fifth Disease at my son's school). There could probably be any number of triggers--anything that is painful and therefore interrupts your deep sleep (stage 3 and 4) can set off all the signs and symptoms of FM. Kind of a vicious circle--pain interrupts sleep, interrupted sleep causes pain. Find a good rheumatologist! CJ


Friday - October 3

Oh, yes! My FMS came on gradually, and I was finally diagnosed 10 years after a neck injury!


Suffering - October 4

Thanks for the replies my chiropractor does not think FM is for real. I have been suffering now for over a year 2 months ago I saw a physiatrist (sp) physical and rehab specialist who has since given me the diagnosis. I am needless to say very upset with my chiropractor that relates my pain to nothing more then someone who has slept in an incorrect position! Shame on him for ignoring my constant complaints and failing to document them, thank goodness my other doctors at that time did.


Jean - October 4

Did you get a diagnosis of Fibro from your other doctors? If not try a rheumatologist, they diagnose Fibro.


Suffering - October 5

I got the diagnosis from my physiatrist he did all kinds of blood tests to rule out other problems including rheumatoid arthritis. I have been in pain ever since the accident, the range of motion in my neck and shoulder has improved but will never be what it was. When I have flare ups my whole body hurts everywhere you all know the symptoms even tho they can vary from person to person. I never had any of this crap before my fall.


Jean - October 6

Hi, has your psychiatrist prescibed any pain or muscle relaxers for you or are you just dealing with the pain and is he/she helping you with depression and/or anxiety? I'm sure he/she has to be helping you. I, like others know your pain and I myself need to know that he is helping you with this. Being out of pain lessens the stress and in turn helps you to heal. just concerned.


Suffering - October 6

Thanks Jean .. yeah he gave me naproxen and flexril (there are days nothing helps)and he also recommended an antidepressant which I will not take I have been given antidepressants in the past for other reasons and ended up in the hospital because of the side effects. I was reading in the news paper here that the government is funding several studies on FM and gave a list of drug they will be testing I plan to visit my doctor with the list.


[email protected] - October 6

Hi, Most of your antidepressants have bad side affects, however I have been on Remeron for 1 year now and it is slow acting into your system and has virtually no side affects. This is given to people who can not tolerate the others. Ask your doctor about it I started out at 15mg and it is helping and I'm up to 45mg now. For pain, I was put on Talwin NX(opioid) which I've been on 1 tab up to 4 a day when warrented. After your system starts to get replenished with the chemicals that are missing in the brain you will start to feel better and can possibly lay off the other medications. I found a site that explains chemical imbalances and I thought it was very educational and a better understanding in what your body goes through. Go to this site, I wish I would have found it a year ago. let me know what you think


Suffering - October 8

Thanks for the info on the site I need to take my time and read it all. I can not sit long at the computer. I will talk to my doctor about Remeron I am calling in Monday to make an appointment. Thanks again and good luck sounds like you are doing well.


Jean - October 8

Hi again, let me know how you are doing and I'll keep in touch too


Suffering - October 8

Thanks again, and I will.



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