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Was Going For Relaxation, Got Pain!
2 Replies
toots2889 - January 20

Hello everyone! It was nice to get back to the board, and catch up on everything ive been missing out on. I dont know if its the weather or what, but ive truely been struggling alot this winter with flare-ups. It could even be from my back surgery, i guess. I just wish it would back off some. I thought since im struggling again right now, i would call and schedule a massage! I was so looking forward to it.I set it up for a hour long, so i could make sure to be totally relaxed when i came out, and feeling like a Diva!!
Well, things did not go as planned at all!

The setting in the room was perfect, and the music they were playing was perfect. Im getting so relaxed, and feeling wonderful while im waiting to get started. Im telling you, i havent been that relaxed, since i went to Jamacia MAN!!
Anyway, she starts giving me the massage, and im loving it. Then comes the nightmare, that wakes me up, and keeps me up. Its called Knots, all over. She found them in my calfs, my back had so many it was unbelievable, my shoulders, and yes, even in my arms. That was terribly painful, even doing it with light pressure. Needless to say, Im up now because i hurt all over. Thats ok though, because no pain, no gain. Im gonna go back again next week, so she can work on those knots some more, and hopefully get rid of some. Thats probably why im hurting so bad. And even though i had to go to h--- and back, it was still worth it. I still got to be relaxed for about a half hour of the massage, which i cant remember the last time i was that relaxed! All in all, im glad i did it!


Stacey373 - January 20

Hi Toots! I'm sorry your massage wasn't what you were hoping it to be. I know in the past when I've gotten a massage I ALWAYS hurt more after wards. For me, it's because they don't push hard enough to work those knots out, so all that happens is the knots get "aggravated" and I end up hurting more.
Even with the Fibro I think I need to get a deep tissue massage for it to actually help me. My husband will usually rub my neck and back when I'm hurting bad or have a headache and even though I usually feel "bruised" after wards, it's definitely better than what the massage therapists can do!
I did just find out that now that I'm in school, I can get a 1 hour massage for only $25! YAY! I'm definitely going to be taking advantage of that!
I hope next week when you get another massage you will feel better....Stacey :o)


Fantod - January 20

Hi toots - Sorry to hear that your massage did not work out as planned. Sounds like you have trigger points everywhere. I got a big gift certificate to a spa recently. I was planning to try a hot rock massage among other things with some trepidation. I hope that my experience is better than yours especially since I have Allydonia too. I hope that you did eventually get some sleep. Take care.



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