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Was accussed of abusing my pain medication
11 Replies
Noca - March 3

Today at my pain clinic, the first thing my doctor did was accuse me of abusing my pain meds. He said his doctor that worked with him had called me a month ago(which she did) and I answered the phone completely drowsy half asleep.

My doctor just assumed that I took tons of Dilaudid and was zonked out of my mind on drugs when really I just had not gotten any sleep the previous night (most likely cause fibro he later diagnosed me with and the little sleep that I did get was not restorative).

I don't even take any Dilaudid before 5:00pm in the day. So I took yet ANOTHER drug test, urine and blood right away. I even offered him a hair follicle test as well to prove my innocence(apparently on "Judge Judy" she uses them and they tell your past year of drug use or so). I can't stand being accused of being a junkie/addict when I'm not.

If anything I take below my prescribed dose of breakthru pain medication(Dilaudid) as well as at or below the dose of every medication I have. I don't even take so much as weed or alcohol. Hopefully they will leave me the heck alone this time.


axxie - March 3

What a bunch of hipocrite, these doctors because they call you in the middle of the day, and you happen to be taking a snooze they blamed you being zoonked out on drugs. You, should be calling the b.... and telling her a few kinds words.

It's like she can see through the telephone wires and through your body and accuse you of taking too much pain medication. OH boy, I'd be screaming bloody murder, and what if one day you felt like you needed an extra pill, are you suppose to sit on the fence and wait for permission?

They cannot and are not allowed to accuse you, unless they have proof that you are a junkie. I would write a letter of complaint to the Ontario Doctors' Association.

Google it. Good luck to you


ptalana - March 3

Hey Noca, I'm so sorry that your doctor has made you feel like a junkie:(
I've just recently started taking dilaudid for my breakthrough pain. In the am I take 12mg and in the pm take 9mg. This has enabled me to lower the amount of percs I take daily. They've also enabled me to get more than the usual 3hrs sleep nightly. How much are you currently using?
Over all how has your experience with pain therapy clinic been? Last week I underwent my psych evaluation for pain program, it went quite well. The doctor said I was a good candidate for the 48 week extensive program, so now I wait for approval from the insurance carrier.
Take care, Patty


axxie - March 3

Not the Ontario Doctor's Association, but CMA, Canadian Medical Association that's where the complain should be written to.


Fantod - March 3

Noca - That was pretty outrageous on the part of the doctor. How about asking about the phone call and the circumstances prior to being accusatory? You are a very articulate person. Write a letter to both of these professional idiots reiterating the circumstances and your stance on over medicating. Send it certified with a signature required. If nothing else, that might give you some closure on the issue.

In the US, doctors tend to overreact because of malpractice issues. I'm fortunate that my pain specialist is sensible about how he approaches any suspected abuse. He runs a very tight ship and I respect him for it.

You did the right thing by taking the drug test and asking for a follicle test. I don't imagine there was anything else you could have done under the circumstances. Try to get past this unfortunate episode and take care.


axxie - March 3

I'm finally going to the see the rheumy on March 9th, yippee, except I was told it was just an assessment and that he would not treat me at that visit. How many more years do I have to wait, before I get medication that will help me with the pain..... oh yes, I was told he didn't give out any barbituates. WOW, I guess I won't get drugged up..... like whatever happened to just common sense pain management. I hate all those who have abused pain management, now doctor's just lump us all in one category, we are all seekers of being junkies...


Canada17 - March 3

Noca, it is so unfortunate that your doctors would gang up on you and accuse you of being a junkie. There is a huge difference between addiction and dependency and of all people, a doctor should know that.

I suppose I am extremely lucky, for two reasons: 1) I am allergic to pretty much everything, so even if I wanted to be a junkie, I can't even tolerate enough of the drug to get me high. And 2) My doctor not only has Fibro, she encourages my use of marijuana to treat the many symptoms that make up my Fibro. It is the only thing that works and does not cause an adverse reaction.

While I have been waiting four months for an MRI and a sleep study, I know that my doctor is doing what she can for me. She understands. I know I am no where near the top of the list to get an MRI, probably like last on the list. I did something to my lower back during childbirth and my doctor got a little concerned when she examined me on my first visit. The sleep study though, I should have gotten the call for that by now.

So, my problem is with the system, or rather the speed of the system, and not my doctor. I had a terrible doctor a few years ago, I fired him. That was a good day. Don't lecture a pregnant woman when she comes in worried about having high blood pressure! Lol my husband calls him a witch doctor and a quack...I don't correct him.

I hope you are able to find an understanding doctor. A doctor shouldn't make you feel guilty about wanting to control your pain to a level that allows you to function. It's just not right.


canadacalling - March 8

Yes, by all means write or call the C.M.A., It is so very nice to see that some of you girls ladies whatever, are from Canada, and Ontario.

I wonder if my replies are getting through. Could you pls. email me back that I have indeed someone reading at the end of the post.

Weather is getting warmer, and that makes everyone feel better. Have a good day.


Lee2010 - March 9

Canadacalling - yes, your posts are getting through. :) I just got back from my doc and she has upped my meds one last time. She has supported me through every visit and keeps close tabs on me. Today I had to sign a pain contract because my doses are above acceptable levels. I'm maxed out on Gabapentin - 1200mg 3x per day, and Norco 2 pills 4x per day. One Norco is equivalent to 2 Hydrocodone with less Acetaminophen. My new dose is equivalent to 16 Vicodin per day. It's a dose that would drop a horse, but I have an unusual resistance to pain meds. I've seen a pain doc about it, and it turns out that there aren't any drugs that work on me. The Norco basically acts as a single Ibuprofen. I have no adverse side affects and you wouldn't know to talk to me that I'm on those doses of the drugs. Basically I take them to stop the throbbing that drives me crazy. It wakes me up at night. I am so very fortunate that my doc does not think that I'm a druggie and has sent me to many different docs to help me. I'm sure that if my pain doc hadn't given me the diagnosis of narcotic and non-narcotic drug resistance, I'd be in the same boat as you with everyone accusing me of being an addict. My monthly dose of Norco is 240 pills. Fortunately for me my pharmacy doesn't look at me twice when I pick it up. Probably because they've filled every known med for me. I'm crossing my fingers that this extra dose will help me get through the day better and I can keep up with the schedule that is ahead of me for the next few months. I'm so sorry that you've had to go through this. It's bad enough having the FMS, you don't need suspicious docs that are rude and make you jump through hoops. I agree with what everyone else has said - you need to report them and hold them accountable for their behavior. There are docs out there who are helpful and on your side - you just have to find one. Hang in there and good luck. We're all on your side.


schmind - March 9 have my sympathies. My pharm called my doc to tell him that I was abusing my meds because my speech was slurred on the phone. Later the same pharm told my daughter of his suspicions and my daughter told him the problem was I was missing my front lower teeth and was waiting for a new bridge. That was the truth. I think there is a concern when we are on pain meds not common to the general public that some docs feel uncomfortable about the whole thing. I had to get 2 referrals to see 2 separate rheumies and have THEM tell my family doc that my dosage was appropriate before he would back off. Hope you can get it sorted out.


Canada17 - March 9

I read an article yesterday about Obama's health reform. He says he wants to remove the stigma that all people with chronic pain are or will become drug addicts if they use opiates/narcotics.

They want to put more money into education, prevention, and treatment of addiction rather than treating people like criminals.

One doctor said that if you don't develop an addiction between the ages of 10 and 21 you will likely never become addicted to anything. However, he did include cigarettes, alcohol, AND drugs in that statistic.


canadacalling - March 25

I can sympathize with you. Only recently it was ME that suggest I try Cymbalta and to come of the effector Xr that I have been taking a zillion years!!!!! Did this - and now she said the other day, what medical school did you go to, and ever since I have known you, you have changed medicines ABOUT WITHOUT TELLING HER, AND SHE WAS REALLY NASTY I am a diabetic, have atrial fibrillation, and also am on blood thinners, which is a big job in itself. I am fed up and sick with ATTITUDE OF HERS. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE SIDE EFFECTS HAVE ANY OF YOU HAD WITH THIS DRUG CYMBALTA. THANKS AND TAKE CARE.



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