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Warmer/more stable states
5 Replies
JBB - November 11

Is there any state out there that is better for the person with Fibro. pain to live in because of it being warmer year round, more stable temperature and berometer/humidity wise, etc.?

Does anyone else have a lot of problem with weather changes, especially cold and damp, humid and rapid temp. changes?

What helps?


islandguy - November 11

Hi JBB. ... Where do you live? I live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada. It is always cool and rainy in the winter months and that just drives me crazy with the flare ups. For the last few years I have been going down to Arizona for a couple of months in the winter and sometimes even a month in the spring if it is really rainy. - The hot arid tempatures do wonders for me and most of my symptoms go away in just a couple of days after I arrive. The humidity is usually the bad thing for me and being in the desert humidity is always below 40 which is good for me. ... Is there anyone on this forum that has fibro and lives in the low desert? - But cool/cold and humid is definetely a bad combo for me....take care....


JJ1 - November 12

I live in Florida. The only weather-related flare up I can think of is when we were hit with the multiple hurricanes in a row back in 2004. I do have flare ups in the winter but I blame it on post holiday stress. Jan. is almost always a bad month for me. I have been in FL all my life so the humidity and heat doesn't bother me, but I can imagine it could be stressful to someone who isn't used to it.


LBB - November 12

I live in Minnesota. The damp cold months are especially tough on me for flare-ups. I rely on hot tubs and saunas to help ease the pain and discomfort. Everyone teases me at work because I can usually tell them if a thunderstorm or snow storm is coming our way!


skidoo - November 13

There is not such place with perfect conditions. In desert climates you have oppressive heat, fires (California) and limited fresh water supplies. In the southeast, you have humidity, hurricanes and the occasional tornado. Hawaii is pretty good but stay away from the volcanoes and watch out for the stress of island-fever (the need to get off island) and the occasional hurricane, or is it a typhoon there{??}.


islandguy - November 15

Hi skidoo...What do you think the best place to live is for a person with Fibro?
I realize that there are potentials for disaster all over the world, but for Fibro comfort.....what do you think? --- Where do you live? - I live on an island, hate the winter weather with the rain and the damp cold, but I am yet to get that "Island Fever". Take care.....



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