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Want to change jobs, worried about insurance
3 Replies
solanadelfina - February 6

Happy Friday, everyone! I've been thinking more and more that it's time to get out of the bookstore and retail. The plantar's is getting better slowly, and it's nice to know that HQ has people willing to help me out on the technicalities, but my body is telling me enough is enough. Plus, I wanna go to school and get a bachelor's in journalism to pursue writing.

My question is, would anyone have any suggestions about what to do for insurance until it kicks in when I find something? I need to keep my tramadol and amitriptylene, and the fibro has tossed enough surprises that going without is not an option. This conundrum is pretty much why I've stayed as long as I have. I've heard some things about Minnesota Care as an option, but am curious to know what has worked for you guys.

Thank you, and we'll see which groundhog is right about when spring will arrive. Gentle fibro hugs! :)


Canada17 - February 6

I will offer what limited knowledge I have as I am in Canada and our health care is far different from yours...for now. lol

Here, if you are on unemployment or welfare, you are eligible for the municipal benefits which vary depending on where you live but include drug coverage.

I know there are pharmaceutical companies who offer help to those who cannot afford medication - I am sure it is not an easy process but the makers of your medications must have a 1-800 number you call call to inquire. And, there is always Wal-Mart - even in Canada their prices are unbelievable! (I don't even want to know what they pay their employees!)

I will say this: Your health, which you obviously understand, is paramount to any job. If you are not happy, too stressed, or if the requirements of your duties create more pain for you then you need to find employment elsewhere.

You already know this, which is good, your concern is how to afford what little relief you are afforded by prescription if you are no longer working in your current position.

Perhaps a few calls to your City Hall (or whatever it's called where you are) may provide the answers you are seeking. I am sure it will not be easy, but there must be a way.

Good luck! : )


Fantod - February 6

solanadelfina - If you have insurance through your present employer is COBRA an option? I know it can be expensive. Can you reduce your hours there and still keep your insurance while you look for something else? I'd google Minnesota Care and see what that is all about and look for any complaints. And, I'd google to see what kind of rates you can find from other plans. Stay away from Humana if they are in your state. A friend of mine used them. Very disorganized and very difficult to get anything paid. You may find that paying for Cobra with a prescriotion plan is a better alternative and more cost effective. Take care.


solanadelfina - February 6

Yes, I believe COBRA is an option. I did ask for part-time back in August, but two others had just gotten it for school and I was given a speech about how much more difficult it would be for the poor managers to do scheduling with another one. (We're the smallest store in MN.) I've also tossed around transferring to a bigger one that could handle another part-timer until then.

Thank you for the advice about Humana. I'm going to see my doc on Monday to renew my tramadol and ask if he has any suggestions, and take another peek at Minnesota care. Have a good one, you guys. :)



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