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Waiting for an answer - Fibro or something else?
3 Replies
kjcaya - March 1

Hi: I was just hospitalized last week for intense burning and pain in my chest and back and arms. Sometimes it spreads to my whole body. I just had a bone scan and I am waiting for results - I am also waiting for blood test results as well. My primary doctor has already decided it's Fibro - my Rheumatologist wants to wait for the results of the bone scan. Wondering if I should see a Neuro doc next to rule out nerve damage and MS. I will be honest, this is scary as anything I have ever experienced. Hospital has ruled out heart and lung conditions - since the pain has been mainly in my chest and back. I started to feel better yesterday and went to work, this morning I was too tired to go. I have had problems all my life with depression and anxiety - wondering if there is a link. I got a really bad virus in Sept 2006 and haven't felt the same since. Docs called it Costochondritis and treated with anti-inflammatories, went away for a little while and came back with a vengance last week. I am afraid I will never feel well again :0(


jmtassey - March 5

Don't worry at least you know its not the heart or lungs. I too got diagnosed with costochondritis in november and i still have it. on thurs Im going to get an mri done to see if its ms or something else. I totallly understand the pain, anxiety, and depression you are going through. It truely sucks not knowing what the hell is wrong with your body huh. Anyway try a heating pad, icy hot rub, and take hot baths it helps me a little. Hope this helps you.


Iinda - March 11

My heart goes out to you. I also have had the chest pain/costo as severe as you describe. There are a lot of posts running here on this right now. This is unfortunately very common with fibro. Kycaya: I know you are scared, but the silver lining here is that it seems that you are at least getting the medical attention this deserves - right now! It is a blessing to have all these tests done all at once. Sometimes it takes years to get through a succession of doctors visits to get all these tests done. I do believe that there is a link between the pain, stress, depression and anxiety. I used to think that was malarky, but I am starting to think differently. Check out the link about fibro and the mind-body-spirit connection someone just posted. I am seeing myself in these theories more and more. It is scary, but you will be ok. Please check back in and let us know how you are ok? Take good care, Linda.


Iinda - March 27

kjcaya haven't heard from you. wondering how are you doing & have you found any answers yet? Hope you are ok.



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